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Last updated: March 18, 2016

How powered mobile systems for storing surgical supplies & equipment save space

powered mobile systemsThe surgical services department at a medical center located in the Northeastern part of the country replaced 70 wire rack carts with a few powered mobile systems recently. A different method was needed because old carts with wire racks inadvertently reduced the effectiveness of supplies stored there by causing damage to them. Since the new systems for storing surgical supplies and equipment save space, they were seen as a suitable alternative to help make more efficient use of storage space and reestablish some semblance of order, as well as proper handling and care for supplies used inside the operating room. The issue of conserving space was made simple because of how the powered mobile systems work. Controlled by a push button, the systems undercover up to twice as much floor space by compacting its movable carriages into a smaller footprint. In doing so, maximum storage capacity is achieved because excess aisles are eliminated. Click here to watch how powered mobile systems for storing surgical supplies and equipment save space.

Powered mobile systems built with greater storage capacity

Built with greater storage capacity then the carts previously used, these powered mobile systems featured enough room to keep the shelves fully stocked and organized with supplies for the heart core, main core, neurosurgery suite, OR core and orthopedics surgery rooms. The increase in available storage space allowed for medical supplies of every shape and size to be held in one centralized location for easy access and retrieval when needed. This included soft goods such as syringes and catheters as well as items of a slightly bigger size such as surgery cases. In addition, with supplies kept closer to the point of need, the medical staff could be more productive and efficient when administering treatment to patients. Shop wire mobile units and other wire shelving products online.

Powered mobile systems create space for more productive uses

for storing surgical supplies and equipment save spacePowered mobile systems for storing surgical supplies and equipment save space. That's not all they do, however. They also create space for more productive uses. In this case, the systems effectively worked to maximize the amount of space available by incorporating previously wasted space better. The extra space it created allowed for a more extensive supply of inventory to be kept in the same place, ready and waiting for use when needed. This cut down on the time wasted looking for and gathering supplies from others areas of the building, allowing for the staff to do their jobs more efficiently. Click here to see powered mobile systems in action. 

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