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Country club accommodates members with Golf Bag Storage

mobile powered storage cabinets for golf club bagsThe buzz behind golf, an athletic game initially developed primarily for the enjoyment of men, has gained popularity and interest from women and children in recent years. Over time, this has lead athletic associations to coordinate and establish organizations with standards that would allow for ladies and junior golfers to compete at both amateur and professional levels. It meant a rise in membership for country clubs, too!

And one such establishment didn't waste any time in finding a new way to deal with the boost in participation from its local community. Instead, they expanded on what they already by redesigning the existing golf bag storage space. This was done with the help of mobile powered storage cabinets. With the installation of this high density automatic four post shelving, the country club could accommodate the maximum number of golf bags in the least amount of floorspace. Click here to learn how to manage your floor space and get more out of your storage area by using high density automatic four post shelving.

four post shelving the right choice for Golf Bag Storage

It was the unique design and function of these mobile powered storage cabinets that made them the right choice for the country club to use at the time of its renovation. The capabilities of this automatic four post shelving was made possible because of its unique block movement, which signal for the carriages to move the heavy weight loads they are carrying. This makes the retrieval process function at a faster pace. And, because this high density automatic four post shelving storage area was designed to hold at minimum 1,000 golf bags, it improved productivity and allowed for the country club to operate more efficiently. 

Mobile powered storage cabinets adapt to suit needs, environment

high density automatic four post shelvingThese mobile powered storage cabinets can be adapted to suit your needs and environment and accommodate items of varying heights, shapes, and sizes. In the case of the country club, high density automatic four post shelving was chosen because it could best hold the golf bags with the help of metal dividers. A single 42" shelf range is able to hold up to eight bags comfortably. And with the mobile powered storage cabinets in place and up and running, the country club was able to assign a storage location to members. This helped to ensure golf bags were returned to their designated holding place, improving accuracy and retrieval time as well as minimizing the need to purchase replacement golf bags.

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