A Guide on Choosing the Right Golf Bag Storage

golf bag gear storage racksGolf is undoubtedly a popular and equally expensive sport. The golf courses require high maintenance, and golf equipment doesn’t come cheap. Country clubs or high-end clubhouses with golf courses also require providing storage spaces for members to store their golf bags and other golf gear. These storage systems must include the necessary provision to store multiple golf bags securely to ensure that the expensive golf gear and equipment remain safe.

With the right shelving and storage solution, country clubs can make the most out of their available space and help their members keep their golf equipment organized and secure at the same time. Choosing the right golf bag storage solution requires several factors to consider.

Challenges in Choosing the Right Golf Bag Storage Solution

Each sport has its own set of equipment, and they need specialized storage methods. In golf, the same challenges exist. Let us have a look at the factors that complicate the golf bag storage selection process.

Storage Space: Golf equipment is bulky. A golf bag may contain several types of equipment. For example, a person most definitely would have more than one Golf Club, towels, gloves, and additional accessories to go with it. The Golf bag solution that you pick must be able to accommodate golf bags of all sizes.

Security: Golf equipment comes with a hefty price tag, with popular options costing upwards of $2000. Hence, golfers expect the country clubs to provide secure storage space for their equipment. A secure storage solution will give club members peace of mind and also build trust.

Elemental Protection: The golf rack must protect the Golf Clubs from elements like humidity or corrosion in case of exposure to water. Golf clubs may start forming rust if they are not protected well. Temperature is another aspect that could deteriorate the epoxy lining of the golf club. However, this only happens at very high temperatures.

Area: With any architect or designer, the primary goal is to provide the most effective storage solution that takes less space. There is no point in making golf bag storage solutions that take up a large chunk of the golf club area.

Modularity and Ergonomics: The modern requirements of the golf course are quite varied. Storage solutions are expected to be more than just a space for putting equipment. The storage solution must be flexible enough to accommodate space demands and offer storage security.

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Choosing the Right Golf Bag Storage

With varied golfers and country clubs’ varied requirements, the glob bag storage solutions have also evolved over the years. Now, clubs have many storage options to choose from, with each option having its own set of quirks.

Movable Shelves

spacesaving golf storage racks high density shelvingSaving space and being useful simultaneously are the two qualities that every designer wants in their storage solution. There are now golf bag storages that come with movable shelves or rolling shelves stacked together. The moving shelves compact together and give access to one or two aisles at a time. To access a specific aisle, the golfer can turn a handle or push a button to move up to six aisles at once.

The apparent advantage of such a system is that it saves a ton of space. Imagine having the shelves fixed on the ground. Now you need to leave space between the shelves so that golfers can walk in between and find their belongings.

Moving or rolling shelves come with built-in security options that use a password system to secure storage space. However, these security and ease-of-use features come with an additional cost.

Lateral Rolling Shelvesgolf bag storage

Lateral rolling shelves that move perpendicular to rolling shelves are also ideal for golf bag storage. This type of storage solution use side-to-side tracks for movement.

Rollable shelves are typically available in three different configurations:

Powered Solution: The user can operate rollable shelves electronically as the movement is entirely mechanized here. With the touch of a button, the user can move the shelves, and usually, these come with electronic pin lock features. These come with built-in lights and password-protected locks.

Mechanical Assist Movable Shelves: In this locker type, the user can access aisles between shelving rows using a three-spoke ergonomic hand crank. The entire system is chain-tensioned. Hence, the user turns the crank, and the shelves move with ease.

choosing the right golf bag storageManual Shelves: Manual shelves do not have any external assistance systems. Instead, the user must apply manual effort to move the shelves. These types of shelves often come with an 8-foot carriage length, while the other two options discussed above are also available in larger sizes. Manual shelves have a size limitation because the bigger it gets, the more force it requires to move.

High-Density Shelves

As the name suggests, a high-density shelf is a term used to define shelving systems capable of storing items in large volumes. These shelves are also useful in storing golf bags. To make this possible, golf bag storage uses some clever engineering.

golf gear equipment storage shelvesOne such example is specialized golf bag dividers, which are quite common in golf bag storage and can also be used on rolling golf bag storage and four-post shelves. These dividers are available in three different lengths: 12, 17, and 20 inches.

The four-post shelving racks with specialized metal dividers facilitate easy and organized storage of heavy and bulky golf bags and keeps the bag in an upright and stable position. Only a single 42″ shelf range can store up to eight bags from top to bottom. As a result, you can store more golf bags efficiently in a small area.

With the right planning, you can also reduce the storage area by half when choosing high-density shelves over static shelves. Furthermore, installing high-density shelves is much more cost-effective against increasing the floor area.

Functional Caddie Racking

If you do not need the luxury of rolling shelves, there is also a minimalistic route to golf bag storage: caddie racking. This type of storage solution takes on the idea of a simple storage system for golf bags and improves on it using a racking mechanism. The result is a multi-tier storage solution that costs less and is easier to maintain.

Caddie racking uses high-quality steel structures, and the assembly is simple and straightforward with no welding involved. You can select from different width options, the most common being 4, 5, and 6 inches. The entire structure can be powder coated to get the exact finish you want.

Static Storage Solutions vs. Modular and Adjustable Storage Solutions

high density golf bag gear storageThe requirements of country clubs and golfers are changing over time. With the traditional, static storage solution, it is challenging to perform modifications and space optimizations later on. These fixed storage solutions further require specialized machinery to remove them.

Today, country clubs require modular and adjustable shelves that are easy to modify as per the space requirements, providing them an opportunity to scale their storage solution within the available space. Modular and moveable storage options come with all the necessary features like angled bottom shelves, dividers, and backstops. Besides, the assembly process does not involve welding and is just a matter of screwing everything together.

What is the Right Choice for You?

While there are multiple golf bag storage options to choose from, selecting the right storage solution for golf bags ultimately comes down to the available storage area and the budget you plan to spare.

Automatic rollable shelves are expensive, yet they are ideal for both large and small storage spaces. Selecting a golf bag storage solution also requires considering the level of experience you plan to give to your club members.

If you are planning to offer a premium experience to golfers, then nothing beats automatic moving shelves. These storage units come with internal lighting, secure locking mechanisms, and several other features.

However, if you are willing to get the best of both worlds and implement an efficient storage solution that saves more space without compromising the storage area – high-density storage shelves are the best option.

Get the Right Storage Solution for Golf Bags with Southwest Solutions Group®

Country clubs and high-end clubhouses with golf courses rely on member retention. An efficient and secure storage solution for their special sports equipment will assist in that retention. With effective and efficient athletic equipment racks, it is possible to store multiple golf bags and golf equipment without occupying additional space. Depending on the storage requirements, modern storage solutions such as mobile storage systems also offer the opportunity to customize the carriages to store additional golf gear and improve storage organization.

Besides, storage solutions with security control further help club members feel secure leaving their expensive sports equipment in the locker room.

Need a helping hand in selecting the right storage solution for your country club? At Southwest Solutions Group, we provide planning, design, and installation services for a range of golf bag storage solutions.

For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-866-447-9409 or contact us today.


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