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Pass-thru lockers & bulk packing supply shelves help police preserve 'custody chain'

bulk packing supply shelvesPass-thru lockers and bulk packing supply shelves provide police evidence management storage that can help a sheriff's department secure the custody chain. No one knows this better than a suburban facility who must store and preserve about 5,500 pieces of property on an annual basis. With so many items to maintain, the department resorted to storing everything in unique places. This includes a pole barn with security concerns and the county jail basement which contains aging overhead pipes. It presented concerns about leaks which could damage or destroy the integrity of evidence.

After receiving a large area in a new building to use as evidence storage from the county, the evidence manager called upon experts right away. A local consultant provided help in many ways, including:

  • Analyzing the department's storage needs.
  • Going over the available options.

The pair soon devised a plan that would allow the department to uphold a secure custody chain throughout the facility. It includes using police evidence management storage that keeps items safe and tidy to allow efficient handling and preservation.

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One chosen option included pass-thru lockers which allow in-wall installation to save space and ensure separate, secure evidence deposit and retrieval access. It allows efficient handling and protection against contamination to eliminate integrity damage, enabling personnel to maintain proper custody. Bulk packing supply shelves allow users efficient space to organize boxes, envelopes, and tape used to seal evidence. Staff have everything within convenient reach to speed retrieval and can preserve evidence with more efficiency.

Police evidence management storage helps sheriff department secure accreditation

police evidence management storageNot long after moving into the new facility, the sheriff's department shared that it received accreditation from a state law enforcement accreditation program. Personnel efforts to document the chain-of-custody procedures and police evidence management storage support contributed to the department's success. Mobile long-term plus firearm and boxed evidence storage make up the other options used in the space.

Watch a video on pass-thru lockers with keyless door access.

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