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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Partitioned library archive drawer cabinets organize space maximizing use

partitioned library archive drawer cabinets

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Partitioned library archive drawer cabinets optimize microfiche high-density file storage, keeping the heavy media loads organized and in good condition. Systems have components welded on the inside, providing five separate space-efficient compartments. Users can fill each row to capacity and consolidate up to 178,000 fiches in the same convenient solution. Facilities with limited space to store this older media can then better protect its integrity while saving money on equipment. The dedicate collections enjoy a longer lifespan while the public has free access to it on site.

Microfiche high-density file storage protects

microfiche high density file storageThe microfiche high-density file storage features a stable, no off-gassing powder coat paint finish safe enough to prevent material deterioration. Organized items avoid getting covered with dust and maintain integrity. Materials then perform up to standard during public access, allowing users to compile it into a more comprehensive format.

Stand the systems against underused walls to allow more efficient facility space use. It helps create safer work conditions and ensures staff has optimal access to premium floor space. Units have safety interlocks that prevent more than one drawer from opening at one time, ensuring injury-free use. Optional turn-key locks available to provide security and access control.

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