mobile high density filing systems with ships wheel steering mechanism controls

Mobile High Density Filing System Using File Shelves Racks Shelving & Cabinets

Mobile high density filing systems save valuable floorspace compared to traditional file cabinets and static open file shelving (view mobile high density versus lateral file cabinet video). Mobile High density filing systems can use file shelves, racks, shelving, and cabinets on top of their moving wheeled carriage platforms. Mobile High density filing systems are less expensive than traditional filing storage cabinets, and use only one-half to one-third the floorspace. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

How Mobile High Density Filing Systems Move

There are two ways of moving mobile high density filing systems, the first mode of operation uses spinning control handles called hand cranks or mechanical assist mechanisms. The second way to move mobile high density filing systems is with push button controls or powered controls (push button mobile high density filing systems). Using hand crank controls over push button controls to operate your mobile high density filing system depends on your requirements for ease of use and safety features.

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