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Parts picking bin shelves promote industrial organization

metal nuts bolts storage shelving adjustable dividersMetal nuts and bolts storage shelving with adjustable dividers provide parts picking bin shelves that have flexible space to keep industrial items organized. Adaptive components allow users to tailor compartment openings based on inventory needs. Units can have anywhere from 16 to 78 individual slots that allow quick and easy access to small and medium-sized materials.

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Each features durable construction with reliable strength to support weight from heavy hardware used in harsh environments. This includes automotive, plumbing and maintenance applications that must handle these exact items while working. The systems interior keeps items separate and tidy to reduce errors during retrieval.

Affordable parts picking bins shelves

The parts picking bin shelves have many attractive features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

Beaded Front Posts: Made from 14-gauge steel, roll formed and welded into a 11/16" wide x 2-9/16" deep tubular post. Posts have punches on 1-1/2" centers to receive shelf clips. Rear flanges punched to allow side panel attachment.

Back Angle Posts: Back posts made from 14-gauge steel and punched on 1-1/2" centers to receive shelf clips and back and side panels.

parts picking bin shelves

Shelves: Shelves constructed from heavy gauge steel and have a roll formed rectangular tubular shaped front and rear edge welded to the underside of the shelf. All four shelf corners are lap welded for extra strength. Adjust shelves on 1-1/2" centers to create optimal storage conditions. Each punched from left to right on 1-1/2" centers to allow divider attachment. Each individual shelf can support up to 800 pounds.

Shelf Dividers: Made from 18-gauge steel with a bead front edge. Dividers tops and bottoms flanged and punched to allow attaching to shelves using nylon snap-in fasteners.

Bin Fronts: Bin fronts made from 18-gauge steel with a beaded top edge and flanged and punched for attaching to shelves. Bin fronts included as standard equipment on designated products only.

Shelf Clips: Shelf clips fit snugly into the post to secure and hold shelves in place (four per shelf).

Side Panels: Side panels fabricated from 18-gauge sheet steel and bolt into place. Side panels provided on both sides to enclose shelving sections. Panel heights greater than 39" come in multiple sections.

Back Panels: Back panels constructed from 24-gauge sheet steel and punched to allow bolting in place to the back posts. Panel heights greater than 39" come in multiple sections.

Optional Swinging Doors: Made from 20-gauge steel with box flanges on all four edges and reinforced with pan type panels on the inside of the doors. Doors bolt to a welded door frame and attach with clips to posts. Comes with one chrome turn handle with built-in cylinder key lock providing a three-point positive locking system. Door adds 1" to the overall depth of shelving.

Colors: Powder coat gray finish promotes an attractive look.

GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified SM

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