Spacesaver® High Density Mobile Shelving is a Compliant Storage System

Mobile Shelving Keypad for Compliant Storage

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we provide only the best storage solutions for your business like Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving. Spacesaver is the leading mobile shelving manufacturer because of their numerous accessories and unique shelf applications. But there is more to the shelving than just innovative features. Spacesaver® High Density Shelving is a fully compliant storage system that will address all of your safety, accessibility, and floor loading concerns. (view Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving images) Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

What Makes the Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving a Compliant Storage System?

High Density Mobile Shelving Aisle Safety Sensors

Fire Protection: The mobile shelving observes minimum sprinkler clearance. Spacesaver’s System Fire Park automatically positions carriages to create equal spacing between all ranges in the event of a fire.

Floor Loading: The flexibility of the Spacesaver rail system allows the designer a full selection of options for distributing the imposed floor loads. (read more information on Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving floor loading solutions)

Accessibility: Open aisle width can be designed to meet the accessibility standards which require a minimum aisle width of 36 inches. In addition, powered high density shelving control height and button size meets accessibility standards and provides other ergonomic advantages.

User Safety: A combination of passive and active safety features are available to protect people and objects in an open aisle. (watch video on Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving passive safety features)

Quality: As their ISO 9001:2000 certification attests, Spacesaver is dedicated to the highest standards of product quality.

Sustainability: Spacesaver is committed to environmental sustainability through the use of green manufacturing processes and materials as well as space conservation.

Seismic Protection: Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving with seismic anti-tips is approved for the most earthquake prone areas of the country. Stability is designed right into the mobile shelving.

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Designing, Installing, and Servicing Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving

We have been designing, installing, and servicing Spacesaver High Density Mobile Shelving for over 40 years for all types of businesses and organizations. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with the Southwest Solutions Group storage expert in your area.


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