Preventing Pallet Rack Damage & Accidents

wire guidance on pallet racks preventing forklift truck damageThe risk of forklift truck accidents is a real concern for warehouse storage facilities. With static pallet racks, companies must rely on forklift operators for safety. Also, due to the size of forklift aisles, the facility oftentimes is spending money to heat and air condition these non-productive aisles. One warehouse installed narrow aisle powered racks in their facility for preventing pallet rack damage and maximizing their storage capacity in their existing space. Click to learn more about pallet racks.

Wire Guidance Rails on Powered Pallet Racks

Wanting to prevent forklift truck accidents and damage to their racks, the warehouse installed wire guidance narrow aisle powered racks in to hold their enormous amount of boxed records. Powered pallet racks with recessed rails were needed to maximize their available space for record storage.

The challenge, however, was that the original floor of the storage facility did not meet the F-40 floor flatness that is required for powered pallet racks with recessed rails. To solve this issue, a topping slab was added to make the facility floor suitable for both the recessed rail and forklift operation.

powered pallet racks with wire guidance for narrow aislesOnce the floor problem was solved, trenches in the floor were cut for the rail, as well as perpendicular trenches for wire guidance. Wire guidance frees forklift operators of steering responsibilities through an electromechanical system, since the wire guidance controls vehicle steering via the guide-wire secured in the floor. This prevents any accidents or damage to the powered pallet racks or storage when driving a forklift down the narrow aisles.

With the wire guidance and floors prepared, the powered mobile racks were installed on recessed rails with epoxy. The warehouse was able to use their existing pallet racking on the carriages to save on costs. Now, they can easily store 16,000 lbs. of records on a single carriage, and 32,000 lbs. of records on back-to-back carriages.

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