Repair & replacement parts for damaged pallet racks

end of row pallet rack guard repair & replacement partsThe good thing about a racking system is how flexible it is. But a damaged pallet rack can pose serious safety risks in warehouses. A rack system can be damaged beyond repair and cause significant costs for your warehouse or, even worse, could cause a catastrophic collapse that can be nearly impossible to make a financial recovery from. Before this has a chance to happen, it’s much more cost-effective, not to mention safer, to order repair and replacement parts for damaged warehouse pallet rack uprights and frames ahead of time. There are a wide variety of affordable repair and replacement parts depending on your needs, with emergency 24-48 hour emergency shipments available.

Prevent severe damage & collapse

We know that warehouse pallet rack systems are designed and engineered to support heavy product loads, and are tested against rigorous quality standards and controls. However, although the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) design specifications include safety factors, it does not include the additional safety requirements needed as a result of post-manufacture damage. Damage not only reduces a pallet rack’s carrying capacity, but it may also lead to catastrophic pallet rack collapse. The total cost of a rack collapse often far exceeds the value of the entire rack and stored product itself, along with the added risks of serious injury or death, higher insurance premiums, fines, and legal expenses, product, equipment, and business loss, and expensive cleanup and replacement costs. Additionally, repairing parts of a damaged frame can offer over 200% savings over totally replacing a frame. For these reasons, it’s critical to routinely inspect your pallet racks to ensure they’re maintained correctly, and replace parts as needed—before irreversible damage occurs.

warehouse pallet rack advanced reinforced repair post section

Types of repair and replacement parts

There are many types of repair and replacement parts for damaged warehouse pallet rack uprights and frames, including:

  • Frontline basic repair: Reinforced post section for added impact resistance and maximum beam adjustability. Extended footplate with two 1/2″ anchors for impact and twist resistance. Bolted or welded installation.
  • Advanced basic repair: Reinforced post section for added impact resistance and future impact resistance. Standard 12″ high front deflector with custom deflector heights available. Available with standard V-nose deflector or non-protruding deflector for narrow aisle applications. Two 3/4″ anchors for high impact resistance and minimal twisting. Bolted or welded installation.
  • Vertical leg: Exceeds 45,000 lbs. of impact resistance up to 12″ high. Highest impact resistance in a vertical leg repair kit that maintains the original selective rack design profile. Standard V-nose deflector. Single or double legs available.
  • Cantilever: Heavy-duty cantilever places the bottom front column 9″ behind its original location for increased outrigger and product clearance. Standard V-nose deflector.
  • Slant leg: Places bottom front column 9″ behind original location for increased outrigger and product clearance. Available with or without V-nose deflector.
  • Impact-resistance column protection and guard shields
  • End-of-row guards: 1/2″ thick, 12″ high guard wraps tightly around the frame to increase aisle clearance. Welded at a 4″x6″ angle with holes punched for 3/4″ anchors. Available with or without anchors. Traditional round guard style also available.
  • Rack lifting jack: For the most efficient, fast, and safe repair, the lifting jack saves time and money by eliminating the need for complete product removal during repair.
  • Custom warehouse racking design options available

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Pallet racking comes in different forms, and may include a selective pallet rack, cantilever rack, push back rack, etc. Whatever damaged rack you need to fix, Southwest Solutions Group® provides repair and replacement parts and services for all types of damaged warehouse pallet rack uprights, frames, and all types of storage racks. SSG will also provide you with a free consultation and rack inspection to determine your exact needs and specifications based on the damaged component. For more information on our rack repair solutions or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-866-447-3848 or send us a message today.