MRO Maintenance & Repair Operations Storage

MRO maintenance repair operations parts in high density shelvingEvery facility has a maintenance repair operation (MRO) function that allows for functional and efficient building operations. However, small maintenance parts can be difficult to store, and searching for parts can drastically slow down maintenance and repair operations. And with limited space in warehouses, maintenance and repair parts need to be kept in an organized and manageable footprint (but this is easier said than done). Ensure that your MRO maintenance and repair operations run smoothly and remain profitable with automated storage solutions and strategies.

What Automated Storage Can Do For Your MRO

With efficient organization and parts consolidation, you can avoid the need for costly new construction of your warehouse and take back your floorspace for profitable tasks. When employees know exactly where to find a part, they can find and retrieve it and get back to work quickly. Organization and consolidation helps create accurate inventories, allows for quick location of parts, frees up your space for other uses, combines similar parts and tools in one place for easier retrieval, and much more.

Many warehouses are turning to automated storage solutions and strategies for their MRO parts storage for enhanced storage capacity, inventory tracking, and accessibility.vlm automated storage solutions & strategies for MRO

  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs): These enclosed storage solutions take up half the space as static shelves and racks with double the storage capacity. Parts are stored on trays that are stored within the VLM and brought to the operator at the push of a button. The VLMs automatically scan the heights of trays and store them in the least amount of space required. Integrated inventory tracking technology allows you to always stay on top of your storage and avoid stock-outs or overstocks, and the closed construction of the VLM offers dust protection and locking security. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.
  • High Density Shelving: These unique storage solutions are mounted on tracks and compact together when not in use. Since the high density shelves don’t require open aisles between every row of shelving, they save you an incredible amount of space. A wide variety of shelving and racks can be mounted on tracks to suit your specific needs. Depending on the size of your application and the needs of your employees, both mechanical-assist and powered options are available. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

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