Freeze Your Warehouse Footprint to Stop Expanding and Start Saving

Efficient Space Saving Storage with Vertical Lifts and Carousels

Southwest Solutions Group® provides all types of government agencies with efficient space-saving tips to freeze your warehouse footprint so that you can stop expanding and start saving. Instead of leasing warehouse space, we will be able to help you co-locate and consolidate your stored items like ammunition, vehicles, boxes, and any other materials into an existing owned warehouse. Along with space-saving storage tips, we also provide solutions for solving productivity and inventory control problems.

Space-Saving Tip #1: Automate Storage and Retrieval in Your Warehouse

Our first efficient space-saving tip is to automate storage and retrieval in your warehouse. How can you do that? There are many ways, but what we recommend is using vertical lifts and carousels because they will take unused overhead space and convert it into productive storage space. With vertical lifts and carousels, you can freeze your warehouse footprint and even vastly reduce the floor space dedicated to storage. Additional benefits include,

  • Bringing stored items to an ergonomically positioned counter to improve productivity
  • Using software that optimizes inventory control management
  • Storing a wide range of parts and materials (small, medium, and large)
  • Providing a lockable secured storage environment for inventory

Read more about how vertical carousels were used at Lackland AFB to reduce their warehouse footprint and improve inventory management.

Space-Saving Tip #2: Mobilize Your Warehouse’s Pallet Racks and Shelving

mobilized pallet racks freeze your warehouse footprint

How does mobilizing pallet racks and shelving work? By placing your existing or new pallet racks or shelving on carriages that are attached to floor tracks, you can compact them together and create movable aisles. What does it do for you? It not only freezes your warehouse footprint, it recoups over 50% of your warehouse storage floor space, which means you can double your existing storage capacity or use that space for something else entirely. Watch this video to learn more about mobilized pallet racks and shelving.

Space-Saving Tip #3: Add Another Floor to Your Warehouse with a Mezzanine

save space with a mezzanine

Our third efficient space-saving tip to freeze your warehouse space is to add another floor with a mezzanine. Not only will you save money by building your storage vertically, you will save on overhead costs too. Instead of incurring additional costs from expanding or moving storage off-site, with a mezzanine you are maximizing the use of your existing utilities while gaining double or triple the storage space.

There are many benefits to installing a mezzanine. First of all, you will dramatically increase your warehouse storage floor space because you are expanding vertically instead of horizontally. In addition, mezzanines can be easily modified to fit around existing equipment, building columns, and other obstructions, which make their design very flexible. Finally, mezzanines can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your employees versus moving your storage off-site or expanding your warehouse. Check out images to see how a mezzanine could look in your warehouse.

Contact Us for More Efficient Space Saving Tips to Freeze Your Warehouse Footprint

Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing efficient space-saving solutions to help local, state, and federal government agencies freeze their warehouse footprint. Our products and services are available on numerous GSA contracts including Disabled Veterans, Small Business, and 8A contracts. Our solutions are founded on maximizing the use of storage floor space, enhancing productivity of workers, and providing safe and secure storage of information and materials. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to contact us for more efficient space-saving tips to freeze your warehouse storage footprint.