Storing Guns and Weapons in Automated Vertical Carousels

automated-vertical-carousels-gun-weapon-rifle-storageThe Gun Smith Shop at Lackland AFB has taken aim on improving their inventory management by implementing Automated Vertical Carousels for gun andweapon storage. “We needed to create as perfect an inventory management system as humanly possible,” said the Lackland Staff Sergeant. The automated vertical carousels store weapon components and gun parts for all Air Force weapons which number more than 50 different handguns, rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons, etc. The amount of work that flows into this facility is based on actual need, not schedule. So there have been as many as 20,000 M16 rifles coming in on one day and other days nothing. “We have to be able to respond quickly and accurately to meet our mission, our automated carousel system allows us to do exactly this.This is a secured area, and the few of us who have access are personally responsible for tracking every part in and out of our facility. In fact, if an audit were to go bad, I can be personally prosecuted and sent to jail…so I’m very serious about inventory management,” the Staff Sergeant stated. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

Automated Vertical Carousels For Weapons Provide Dramatic Space Savings

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In addition to the tight inventory control issues, space and productivity were issues at this facility. The space savings was dramatic. In fact, one MegaStation vertical carousel holds the equivalent of 44 drawer cabinet units by itself. The facility’s weapons component and gun parts storage went from 750 sq. feet to 100 sq. feet, saving over 86% of valuable floor space. “Space was simply running out and we spent most of our time running around looking in the 54 drawers and cabinets for parts,” she said. Two 15 foot tall MegaStation automated vertical carousels each with 70 roll out drawers has replaced virtually all the cabinets and provides additional capacity to meet future gun models and their parts. The automated vertical carousel’s controller software keeps up with over 3,577 line items (SKUs) comprised of more than 375,000 actual items at a value of over $2.6 million dollars.

Automated Vertical Carousels Improve Inventory Management of Weapons

The automated vertical carousels were positioned face to face to increase productivity. The operator simply goes to the machine’s mm550 controller and inputs the needed part number, name or shelf level. The vertical carousel spins to the location and the corresponding pick light shows the correct drawer to open. The automated vertical carousel is equipped with roll out drawers to provide maximum accessibility and easy ergonomics. Some weapons drawers store larger parts in boxes and containers, while others store gun stocks, small parts, bits, tools, supplies, etc. which require divider sets. Either way each weapon drawer is maximized for storage density.

Ergonomics, Space Savings, Productivity, and Security with automated vertical carousels

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“The automated carousels provide us the convenience of the drawer systems without the bending, walking and searching. Every drawer comes to me with a push of a button at the perfect work height. Also the overhead light and work counter are really helpful for counting parts and doing paperwork,” the Staff Sergeant continued. Each mm550 controller holds the units SKU, quantity and location database. An easy interface allows each mm550 unit to have its database accessed via the department’s PCs and backed up for security issues. Not only has the MegaStation increased floorspace without additional construction costs and increased productivity without adding additional personnel, for Lackland AFB the installation has also given those responsible for weapon inventory an increased peace of mind for securing stock items in a high security area.

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