ferris wheel vertical rotating storageIn a world where eCommerce is booming and will continue to grow, quick and efficient order fulfillment is crucial. If your business has a large amount of unused space or considers a motorized system, a vertical Ferris wheel storage system is an excellent option.

Studies show that 14% of material handlers plan to install a vertical Ferris wheel storage system in the next five years. On top of that, these storage systems improve efficiency, accuracy and maximize ROI. They also reduce workplace injuries with less lifting and pulling by employees.

Understanding Ferris Wheel Storage System

Niche products are often difficult to store on a conventional system. These products include wire, vinyl, tires, carpet, textiles, garments, spools, and other rolled materials.

eCommerce is on the rise, and storage systems need to keep up with demand. Add in a lack of physical space and high customer expectations, and you have a perfect solution.

Rotating Ferris wheel storage systems are designed to store and display rolled and specialty products so that they are easier to access and retrieve. Keeping processes streamlined and efficient will help make sure all orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately. (See videos See videos)

Challenges of Storing Rolled Goods and Specialty Product

Multiple challenges occur when storing rolled goods and specialty products. If items are stored horizontally and stacked on top of each other, the items’ weight on the top can crush items on the bottom. These items also take up valuable floor space due to the shape and bulkiness of rolled materials. It is difficult to access and retrieve entities, which cuts down on efficiency and productivity. Retrieving heavy objects may also cause injuries to your employees.

Benefits of the Vertical Storage Systems

rotating vertical ferris wheel storage systemA rotating Ferris wheel storage system, or motorized vertical carousel, offers multiple benefits for your storage needs.

  • Accommodates multiple types of materials and diameters
  • One person can now do the work of various people
  • Reduces search and retrieval time with automatic operation
  • Custom sizes available
  • One person can operate easily
  • Load and unload easily
  • Improved technology
  • Multi-tower and bridge options
  • The option of complete enclosure for items requiring additional security
  • Integrated cutting boards are an option
  • Inventory made simple with organization and visibility
  • Positioned at point-of-use
  • No more damage from handling
  • Prevents lifting injuries
  • Integrates with your existing system
  • Reduction of the need for ladders, forklifts, and heavy machinery
  • Maximize floor space
  • Prevent unauthorized use with security keypad

Types of Ferris Wheel Storage Systems

There are multiple types of vertical storage carousels available for various industries. You can use them to organize many different kinds of products.

Vertical Tire Carousel Storage System

The motorized tire carousel is an outstanding solution for merchandising or tire storage for cars, buses, trucks, RVs, aircraft, or military vehicles. Maximize floor space with the small footprint of the machine. The tire carousel efficiently manages inventory by handling large tires, making display, merchandise, and rotation easy. Learn more about our rotating tire vertical Ferris wheel storage system.


  • Standard tire storage solutions for 28″ and 32″ diameter tires. Customizable rotating tire storage system to fit your needs and sizes. vertical rotating tire storage system
  • Heavy-duty models for larger diameter tires
  • Multiple colors available for custom carousels
  • Secure your inventory with a full enclosure
  • Reduce work and lifting-related injuries.
  • Installation completed by our trained technicians


  • Operated by one person
  • Small footprint
  • Maximum storage
  • Stocking made simple
  • Makes retrieval faster
  • Makes inventory easy
  • Suited for any aircraft or vehicle

Rotating Vertical Vinyl Carousel Storage System

The motorized vinyl carousel is a quick and efficient solution to dispense, store, and merchandise rolled vinyl products. The machine has a small footprint, maximizing floor space and utilizing any wasted vertical space in your facility. This Ferris wheel manages inventory while displaying products for the consumer. Learn more about our rotating vertical vinyl Ferris wheel storage system.

Features:vinyl rotating storage carousel

  • Storage of anywhere from 12-40 rolls. Customizable vinyl carousels to match your volume needs.
  • Prevent unauthorized use with a security keypad.
  • Loading and operation can be completed quickly by one person.
  • Various measuring and cutting options available
  • Reduces work-related injuries
  • Installation completed by our trained technicians


  • Operated by one person
  • Minimal footprint
  • Maximize storage
  • Makes stocking easy
  • Quick retrieval
  • Simple inventory
  • Reduction of back injuries

Rotating Vertical Textile Carousel Storage System

Store and retrieve from one location with this rotating vertical storage system designed for rolled fabrics and textiles. This Ferris wheel increases efficiencies by reducing retrieval time and search. It also increases storage capacity. The textile Ferris wheel reduces injuries. It can effectively integrate into production settings where dispensing rolled goods is key to the final product. Learn more about our rotating vertical textile Ferris wheel storage solution.

Features:textile fabric rotating vertical ferris wheel storage

  • Quick and easy retrieval with centralized inventory
  • Increases storage capacity and makes use of overhead space
  • Reduction of work-related injuries
  • Manages inventory effectively
  • Holds a wide variety of widths and diameters
  • We can customize any textile Ferris wheel to fit your needs


  • Operated by a single person
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduction of injuries
  • Fast retrieval
  • Minimal footprint
  • Simple loading
  • Integrates into the production line

Rotating Wire Carousel Storage System

The motorized wire carousel is an efficient solution for merchandising, storing, and dispensing rolled wire products. The footprint of the machine is minimal. It maximizes floor space and makes use of wasted vertical space in your facility. The wire carousel also offers great merchandising flexibility by providing areas for signage, product info, pricing, and more. Any user can easily handle heavy, bulky reels of wire. Learn more about our rotating vertical wire Ferris wheel storage system.

Features:automated vertical rotating wire spool storage carousel

  • Standard wire carousel models can hold 5 to 12 wire carriers of differing diameters and widths. We can customize any carousel to fit your requirements and needs.
  • Prevent unauthorized use with security keypad
  • Multiple carousel colors available
  • Specialize with measuring and cutting attachments
  • Reduces work injuries


  • One person operates
  • Minimal footprint
  • Multiple spool sizes
  • Self-leveling
  • Quick retrieval
  • Simple inventory
  • Reduction of back injuries

Rotating Garment Carousel Storage System

Rotating garment Ferris wheel storage systems are a great solution for wardrobe and clothing storage. No longer will employees need to use unsafe ladders to loan and retrieve garments. This system makes finding clothing quickly and tracking your inventory easy and efficient. Learn more about our rotating vertical garment Ferris wheel storage system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small footprint maximizes floor spacevertical motorized garment storage system
  • One person can operate
  • Storage of up to 4,052 garments
  • Capable of storing thousands of hanging garments with a total weight capacity of 13,000 pounds
  • Smooth operation with an advanced dual-motor system
  • Simplifies order picking and fulfillment
  • Can operate and track inventory

Custom Configurations and Ferris Wheel Options

If you’re looking for a vertical Ferris wheel storage system we didn’t mention above, we offer custom configurations, options, and accessories to adapt the system to your needs.

Custom Configurations

Do you have particular requirements? These storage carousels can also be customized to your exact needs for any unique SKU’s.

Configurations available:

  • Heavy-duty Ferris wheel with a lifting capacity of up to 27,000 lbs.
  • Multi-tower Ferris wheels provide higher storage capacity allowing you to utilize your floor space fully
  • Bridged Ferris wheels that are designed to use your ceiling space
  • Multi-Space Ferris wheels that will enable products of different sizes to be displayed on a single Ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel Options & Accessories

You can enhance your storage system with various options and accessories designed to integrate seamlessly with the rotating vertical Ferris wheels.

Options & accessories include:

  • Mechanically remove carriers from the carousel with presentation arm
  • Choose a loading nose to provide access to carrier beams from above the unit so they can be loaded or unloaded with an overhead crane
  • Gantry crane for lifting products with specialized material handling requirements out of the carousel
  • Cutting equipment for measuring, cutting, and re-rolling materials

Industry Solutions

Ferris wheel storage systems can be used in a variety of industries. The retail sector utilizes these storage systems to remain quick and efficient with order fulfillment for their consumers. Vertical Ferris wheels are a flexible, dynamic, and productive alternative to non-motorized storage systems. The manufacturing industry utilizes these storage systems to reduce waste and increase employee productivity. It reduces the physical space needed while helping cut costs and reducing time spent managing inventory, storing and retrieving items, and locating stock.

Other industries utilizing Ferris wheel storage systems are:

  • Construction
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Government Services
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Healthcare

Maximizing Vertical Storage

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for motorized Ferris wheel storage systems used in the storage and display of rolled and specialty products in a wide variety of industries. We will provide you a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-866-446-3109 or send us a message today.