Industrial Modular Cabinets for Tool & Die Storage

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Heavy-duty modular cabinets for industrial tool, die, mold, and fixture storage is engineered for intensive use and are available with a wide array of dimensions and accessories to meet your specific needs so you can better respond to customer needs. The modularity and durability of the heavy-duty modular cabinets ensure long-lasting use, even as your needs grow and change. Heavy-duty modular cabinets are available for purchase online at our store.

The heavy-duty modular cabinets are available in five different widths, each available with different depths, for a total of eleven combinations. The cabinets themselves are available in six heights, with ten drawer heights. With all these possibilities, you’re guaranteed to find the right size drawers and cabinets for your application. The unique shape and design of these modular cabinets allow ease of access and organization while also offering the most durability on the market.

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Features of the heavy-duty modular cabinets for industrial tool, die, mold and fixture storage include:

  • Cabinets can store varying sizes
  • Laboratory tested to provide the strongest durability
  • Sturdy and distinct appearance is ideal for all types of industrial work environments, including manufacturing, automotive, warehouse distribution centers, and more
  • 10 drawer heights and 7 drawer side heights
  • True North American dimensions allow for perfect modularity
  • Desk height (28″), bench height (30″, 34″), counter height (38″, 44″), and eye-level height (58″) available with various widths and depths

industrial tool die mold fixture storage cabinetAccessories

The heavy-duty modular cabinets can be configured with a wide variety of optional accessories to suit your needs.

  • Vertical security bar locks all cabinet drawers with one padlock
  • One-Drawer-at-a-Time System prevents opening of several doors simultaneously, protecting users and ensuring cabinet stability
  • Tops available: steel top with rubber mat, laminated wood, stainless steel, galvanized steel, painted steel
  • Power feed/cover panels
  • Finishing panel for computer support
  • Laptop, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse supports
  • ESP protection to provide safe storage of electronic components
  • Stacking cabinets & sink cabinets are available
  • Single or double solid or glass doors
  • Compact cabinet configurations available for smaller spaces

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