Creating outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets with expert help

outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets 1Outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets offer a durable storage solution that protects against damaging environmental conditions while accommodating hardware in an efficient capacity that saves users time. The one-of-a-kind customized unit features clear view door panels, which provide users with enhanced visibility to essentials stored within the interior. Its construction and installation was necessary to have equipment near to where a railroad maintenance crew worked, so personnel could perform duties with increased efficiency and recover crucial man hours in lost production. Read on to learn more about what lead to the system’s design and installation.

Typical job boxes and tool cabinets get moved back and forth between locations only to end up back inside as each shift comes to a close. This approach wastes considerable time and can create situations where users set tools down in either location rather than returning them to the rightful place. It not only leaves items more susceptible to misplacement or total loss but ensures they will not be where users need to complete a job and can result in losing substantial productivity.

Told about the challenge facing those involved, associates known to help the company with industrial storage needs sought assistance from experts in devising an appropriate solution. Besides needing to be tough, rugged and able to withstand everyday industrial use, the ideal unit needed to stand up to harsh weather conditions. Having laid out the necessary requirements, decision makers went about selecting the preferred cabinet type, a color that would stand out to make the units easier to recognize and identifying use. From there, experts managed the rest.

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Creating outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets that can brave harsh outside conditions requires experts to apply a durable powder coat finish to the storage. A slope top constructed on the units allows rain water to run off and not collect, breaking down the system over time. Also, a heavy rubber gasket gets installed around the doors to ensure added protection that keeps water, dust, and snow out.

Outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets promote efficiency & productivity

clear view door panelsHaving learned that most products were available to design for outside use, key decision makers ended up going with several different options and configurations that could accommodate users needs. All outdoor weather resistant industrial tool safety cabinets got painted in a high-visibility safety yellow that’s easy to spot. Each has clear view door panels, rather than those made from typical solid steel to allow visibility into the unit. A combination of shelves and pull out drawers also store tools, hardware and miscellaneous parts in a close capacity which enables users to save time and carry out jobs in an efficient manner that increases productivity.

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