efficient storage and retrieval of SMD reels

SMD reels automatically stored & retrieved in automated vertical carousels

A leading supplier of solutions for high-end measurement technology needed to optimize their setup process for populating electronic assembly groups with Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) for an average of 200 setup processes per hour. With automatic storage and retrieval of SMD reels with automated vertical carousels, they were able to ensure availability of SMD reels for smooth changeovers and were able to avoid buffering times. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

the advantage of automation

The automated vertical carousels were able to ensure fast, simple, and error-free automatic storage and retrieval of SMD reels for production. This allowed the company maximum flexibility in the production process, which is necessary for the wide range of products and changing batch sizes during production. The vertical carousels allow them to quickly react to changing market needs without any downtime.

high density automated vertical carousels provide automatic storage & retrieval of inventory

A total of twelve automated vertical carousels were installed to help organize SMD reel logistics and ensure the smooth set up and removal of the assembly groups during the production process. Two or three employees work on the units at the same time and put the SMD reels into storage, retrieve them, and return them after use. As an added benefit, the process is completely paperless because of the pick-by-voice system. Each operator works at their own pace through individual items of an order.

The total fill level of the automated vertical carousels is 90-95%, which is achieved by the flexible way that storage space is allocated depending on space availability. This high density storage method makes it possible to supply four production lines with 10,000 reels per day and populate around 441 million components per year. The automated carousels also connect their warehouse management system software to the company’s inventory management of SMD reels in real time to maintain a permanent inventory without stopping production.

Advantages at a glance of automatic storage and retrieval of SMD reels with automated vertical carousels include:

  • Simple, clearly structured picking process
  • Throughput increased by more than 50% with same number of employees
  • 100% error-free retrieval of SMD reels for setup and removal process
  • Storage space fill level 90-95% storage density
  • Permanent, real-time inventory

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