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Nursery school & ceramics class casegoods promote collaborative learning & save space

nursery school wall cabinets counter storageLab tables and wall cabinets with counter storage underneath provide nursery school and ceramics class casegoods flexible enough promote collaborative learning or save space. As an eco-friendly alternative to traditional built-in millwork, facilities spend the same but have more design flexibility during installation and beyond. Easy-to-reconfigure, users can adapt systems to suit changing learning formats and technology. Configurations have the clean look educational environments want, yet durable enough to withstand everyday use and provide reliable service that saves districts money.


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Lab tables wall cabinets & counter storage

Able to add attractive designer finishes, surfaces and more, users can create lab tables, wall cabinets and counter storage that performs according to application needs. Experts can provide design and project support through every stage to ensure facilities receive the right solution. Read on to learn more about two sample installations. 

lab tables ceramics class casegoodsOne allows teachers enough space to keep supplies safe and organized while occupying an underused area, promoting better capacity usage. Staff have ergonomic access to ample drawer and cabinet compartments and can keep materials hidden from kids' view. With an integrated sink positioned lower to the ground, educators can teach children about maintaining proper hygiene.

Another features an attractive U-shape design large enough to accommodate small groups within the same space, maximizing use. It includes ample storage space underneath where students can store and organize assorted materials to ensure convenient, ready access. Facilities can even integrate seating with the mobile flexibility to save space. It allows students to feel comfortable while relocating elsewhere and exchange ideas in more distraction-free environments.  A seated occupant can move close enough to the worksurface, eliminating the need to hunch over while working and avoid injury.

 Ten reasons to choose modular millwork storage casegoods.

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