High-Density Shelving Centralizes parts and tools

centralized parts and tool storage in mobile ergonomic high density systemA drug manufacturing plant installed high-density shelving to centralize parts and tool storage as a better way to keep their manufacturing lines operational and efficient while providing 24/7 access to replacement parts and tools for maintenance.

Parts & Tool Storage challenges

Traditionally, the parts necessary for maintenance were being stored throughout individual departments in their 117,000 square foot facility. If a part was needed in one department and was not stored within the local storage area, it resulted in the loss of valuable production and extended downtime caused by the time spent searching for the part.

The manufacturer’s goal was to develop a space-optimized storage area that was organized and controlled by a single person. This person would manage inventory, provide greater security, and efficiently support picking operations of the service technicians and manufacturing staff. Pick rates in the facility were low, and the true goal was to consolidate parts and maximize density in the storage area.

High Density Proves To Be the Right solution

Using Spacesaver® high-density shelving the manufacturing center was able to address parts storage centralization as part of their overall inventory tracking and management initiative. After assessing the manufacturing center’s operational needs, it was determined a 25′ x 40′ size room was required. An industrial-grade mobilized powered high-density system with integrated shelving, drawers, and cabinets was the recommended fit. The system design would provide two static end cabinets with five rows of mobilized high-density carriages between them. A single 3.5′ aisle was designed to meet the access requirements by the inventory manager.

high density shelves for centralized parts and tool storage

High-Density Shelving Provides results

Just a few weeks after installation, the manufacturing center estimated their consolidation process at 75% complete with more than enough room to spare within the storage system. The staff had already identified, coded, and stored about 7,500 unique part numbers and anticipated an additional 2,500 more to be consolidated. Fast expansion was quickly realized with the addition of just a few shelves for better cube utilization.

Security was also enhanced significantly on high-value parts through integrating lockable drawers as well as the ability to lock shelving aisles, thereby preventing open access to certain parts positions. Duplicate parts purchases have been all but eliminated through centralized storage and inventory software that has aided the cost justification and ROI analysis.

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