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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Golf club bag shelving with adjustable partitions keep equipment safe & organized

high capacity athletic storage racksCommercial high capacity athletic storage racks or golf club bag shelving with adjustable partitions keep sports equipment upright to ensure safe and organized use. Systems can accommodate up to 67% more golf bags in the same space than traditional options, proving itself as a more efficient alternative. Able to have on-site access to gear, members avoid injury while bringing it from home. Facilities then maintain a happier environment and can expect the public to return and provide profitable repeat business.

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High capacity athletic storage racks

Designed without any wood components, these high capacity athletic storage racks feature all-steel construction durable enough to last. Configurations include dividers flexible enough to accommodate any size bag. With an angled bottom shelf providing ample support to keep existing bags upright, staff can modify the area without damaging stored items. Facilities protect their investment and maximize space to consolidate equipment in the same footprint, ensuring efficiency. Units have an open design that allows proper airflow to keep organized items clean and undamaged, ensuring a longer lifespan.

golf club bag shelving adjustable partitionsConstruction: Made from steel durable enough to provide long-lasting reliable service.

Bottom Shelf: Bottom shelf with an angled design keeps bags upright to prevent damage and ensure safer handling during retrieval. 

Dividers: PVC bag dividers adjust to any width, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions.

Backstops: Bag backstops have enough adjustability to protect stored equipment from damage.

Finish: Durable powder-coated steel available in many colors to provide a clean and attractive look.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: Manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty.

Made in the USA

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