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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Heavy-duty shelves on mobile storage racks save space

heavy duty shelves mobile storage racksAdapting heavy-duty shelves to mobile storage racks creates moveable campus mailroom parcel shelving that reduces response times and improves customer service. It features a moveable aisle that users can eliminate to save space in moments. To perform this operation, staff must turn an ergonomic handle that controls carriage movement. Open aisles reduce in size until no longer accessible and taking up valuable floor space. Compacted shelf rows exist in a smaller footprint, allowing personnel more space to store and organize parcels. Continue reading to learn how the systems' use helped eliminate frustration staff would feel while dealing with increased package deliveries.

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With online shopping growing in popularity over the last decade, school mailrooms and dorms like this one have more to sort through and deliver to students. As shipments have increased, space storing letters and small packages must accommodate even more. This includes boxes that hold everything from clothing and electronics to appliances and more. With limited space available to meet this need, personnel and students often feel frustrated as boxes pile up. It leaves everything disorganized and harder to find during retrieval, leading to longer wait times.

Staff working in this university mailroom struggled with storage issues for years and needed to make a fundamental change. Personnel often found locating packages time-consuming and would get frustrated while providing poor customer service to students. Staff worried about liability issues that could arise if packages got lost or stolen, too.

moveable campus mailroom parcel shelvingWanting to put an end to these problems, the facility manager requested a free on-site consultation with a local expert. The consultant did many things during this time to design the most comprehensive solution, including:

  • Measuring the room where the unit would function.
  • Talking with staff about specific needs and ideal workflows.

A specialized mobilized storage system would serve as the core of the new space's layout. It allows experts to mount existing heavy-duty shelves to mobile storage racks and create an integrated solution that fits university budgets.

Moveable campus mailroom parcel shelving improve service

As an affordable, space-saving solution, the moveable campus mailroom parcel shelving travels over floor rails to eliminate empty aisles that waste space. Users have ample space to keep all retail shipments organized and can find items with more efficiency. Staff speed less time locating stored packages, have more confidence and feel happier while working. Students then experience better customer service and shorter wait times during package pickup.

Watch a video that highlights how the compact mobile storage racks save space

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