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Last updated: February 09, 2016

Open & Closed Industrial Shelving Units

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Heavy duty industrial metal and steel shelving units are available in medium, heavy, or extra heavy-duty constructions to meet your industrial loading requirements. The open or closed shelves can be configured in five, six, or eight shelf units and are ideal for warehouses, stockrooms, and any other storage area in need of more space, organization, and durable storage. Additional shelves can be purchased and added in the future to accommodate your growing needs. Click here to see all of our industrial storage solutions.

Metal & Steel Shelving Features

heavy duty industrial metal steel shelving units

The industrial metal and steel shelving units are available in closed or open backs and sides. The shelves clip to posts and are adjustable on 1 ½" spacing for extra configurability. Additional shelving features include:

  • 14 gauge cold-rolled steel angle-type posts
  • Posts punched on 1 ½" centers for placement of shelf clips
  • 1 x 11" gauge cold rolled steel strip braces with safety edges
  • One-piece shelf compression clips drawn from 13 gauge cold rolled steel and zinc plated finish (four provided with each shelf)
  • Closed panels: 24 gauge cold rolled sheet steel; each panel punched with 5/16" diameter holes on 1" centers for attaching purposes
  • Shelves: Rolled formed rectangular tubular-shaped front and rear edges with return bends welded to underside on 3" centers for maximum strength; all corners lapped & welded for extra rigidity and strength; top shelf surface punched left to right, front and back; shelves clip on to posts and are adjustable on 1 ½" centers
  • Made in the USA
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified
  • Ships unassembled in 7-10 business days with easy do-it-yourself instructions

Buy Clip Type Shelving Online

open closed shelves medium heavy duty industrial shelving

WidthDepthPart Number (Open Type)Part Number (Closed Type)
36 12 SMS-39-F4510-12 SMS-39-F4520-12
36 18 SMS-39-F4510-18 SMS-39-F4520-18
36 24 SMS-39-F4510-24 SMS-39-F4520-24
48 12 SMS-39-F4710-12 SMS-39-F4720-12
48 18 SMS-39-F4710-18 SMS-39-F4720-18
48 24 SMS-39-F4710-24 SMS-39-F4720-24

Shelf Loading Capacity Chart

All shelf capacities are based on uniformly distributed loads
36" x 12";36" x 18";36" x 24"      Medium-Duty (Class 0) 500#
48" x 12";48" x 18" Medium-Duty (Class 0) 375#
48" x 24" Medium-Duty (Class 0) 350#
36" x 12";36" x 18";36" x 24" Heavy-Duty (Class 1) 800#
48" x 12" Heavy-Duty (Class 1) 400#
48" x 18" Heavy-Duty (Class 1) 450#
48" x 24" Heavy-Duty (Class 1) 500#
36" x 12" Extra Heavy-Duty (Class 2) 1,100#
36" x 18" Extra Heavy-Duty (Class 2) 1,200#
36" x 24" Extra Heavy-Duty (Class 2) 1,250#
48" x 12" Extra Heavy-Duty (Class 2) 750#
48" x 18";48" x 24" Extra Heavy-Duty (Class 2) 900#

Contact Us for Heavy Duty Industrial Metal & Steel Shelving Units

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for heavy duty industrial metal and steel shelving units as open or closed shelves. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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