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Conductive storage with compartments protects electronics

grid containers dividers lids snapGrid containers fit dividers and lids which snap on to create secure conductive storage with separate compartments that protect electronics. Integrating these accessories promotes forming a tailored solution with ample space to keep electronic components safe and organized. Others like clear label holders help strengthen material organization while easing content identification. Units come in an attractive black color and are available to customize based on usability.

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Space-saving grid containers

Users can stack grid containers one on top of the other to save space while customized with dividers and lids that snap into place with secure ease. Each feature molded, carbon-filled, copolymer polypropylene construction with a surface resistivity that equals less than 10 5 Ohms-per square. Their conductive material design provides a barrier that electrostatic and induced fields cannot break through, preventing electrostatic charge from building up. It means stored items such as batteries avoid malfunction and maintain high performance to ensure lasting use.

Grid containers dividers & lids withstand washing

conductive storage compartments electronicsAll permanent conductive grid containers, dividers, and lids that snap on with secure ease to safeguard electronics can withstand washing with normal cleaners. The containers can support up to 100 lbs in load capacity and dividers are available to create units with custom compartments that utilize maximum space. Accessories such as lids which snap on to provide secure protection keep contents free from dust or damage.

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