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Last updated: June 26, 2017

Flexible stainless steel medical storage

flexible stainless steel medical storageFlexible stainless steel medical storage was the right choice for one of only 10 country-wide combined hybrid cath lab and operating room suites. Its design was funded with assistance from a grant and the result of a conjoined effort made by a group of hospital pediatric heart surgeons and technicians, who worked with project representatives and architects. It is because of its superior flexibility that sterile surgical OR cabinet casegoods were able to meet the following criteria with ease:

  • The support of discrete components with short and long rollouts were needed when it came to holding different sized catheter bags
  • Cabinets also needed to match the height of the soffit that already existed
  • Glass cabinet fronts were called for to help facilitate clear visibility of supplies, as well as establish a sterile environment where critical care was concerned

Flexible stainless steel medical storage fights infection. Buy stainless steel tables, cabinets, and lockers online.

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Affordable sterile surgical OR cabinet casegoods fight infection

sterile surgical or cabinet casegoodsBy using standard cabinetry to house specialty interiors, time and money was spared. This made it possible to afford and use sterile surgical OR cabinet casegoods in one area of the suite. It holds up under chemical treatments and bleach washings. Laminate cabinets with thermofoil fronts were added to the other room of the suite. They are stain resistant, easy-to-clean and require little maintenance. Steel bases provided support to the laminate cabinets by doing away with wicking action and epoxied into the floor for a smooth cleaning surface from floor to cabinet. The use of a stainless steel hinge with no plastic washers offered further protection when it came to the issue of infection control. Sterile surgical OR cabinet casegoods are just one of several storage options available for application. (Read more)

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