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Last updated: March 08, 2018

Extra large stacking containers ensure storage to keep parts organized & save space

bins waterproof deep shelvesExtra large stacking containers provide ample storage to keep industrial parts with a bulky design organized and can pile together to maximize space savings. They're constructed from strong injection molded tri-clear polypropylene that allows the bins to provide efficient waterproof protection. Each can install on extra deep shelves to save floor space and ensure users have the capacity to accommodate more productive activities. Click here to see more about bin stacking containers.

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Bins on shelves create efficient solution

These extra large stacking containers offer users up to two feet in storage length to keep parts that appear bulky in size organized. Users can integrate the bins that provide waterproof protection with deep wire or steel shelves to create a complete package. This arrangement would allow users to have a more efficient and organized system that requires little maintenance and promotes space savings.

Extra large stacking containers for technical & hospital use

extra large stacking containers storage parts bulkyDepending on the shelving used, users can depend on the units to promote cleanliness or durability. These qualities make the solution perfect to use in harsh technical or sterile hospital environments that count on the attributes to keep facilities running. The bins that provide waterproof protection can even resist rust and corrosion while withstanding extreme cold and autoclavable conditions up to 250-degrees Fahrenheit. The features further support the systems' use and capacity to accommodate these exact applications.

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