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Last updated: January 08, 2016

Banquet & Casino Storage Shelving

banquet storage system tables shelvingA casino resort was experiencing rapid growth and needed a creative banquet storage system for its banquet space, restaurants, and employee laundry area that would save space and provide efficient storage. In order to maximize space and capacity for supplies, the casino's existing racking was placed on a mobile space saving shelving system on rails to store tables, table cloths, dishes, decor, cleaning supplies, linens, and more. The mobile carriages eliminate wasted aisle space and is easily operated by employees with a simple turn-handle crank. Watch video of high density bulk racks in action.

Improving Organization & Productivity

The casino was so pleased with the system that an additional mobile rack system was installed in a former corridor, which ended up tripling the amount of storage space that would have been taken up by static shelving. A third system was installed in the employee uniform laundry area. Aside from the increase in storage space, the system's main advantages include ease of use, improved organization, enhanced configuration and flexibility, and savings on repair and replacement costs.

tables table cloths dishes casino space saving shelvingBefore the mobile space saving shelving was installed, the casino's storage space was used inefficiently. Costly and inconvenient damage was unfortunately common as items were retrieved from or placed in improper storage areas. Now the mobile shelving allows proper storage and convenient access to stored items without any wasted space.

Though there were initial concerns about the weight of items being stored, the mechanical-assist handles of the system allows staff to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort. The clean and well-organized storage areas have boosted employee morale, shortened turnaround times, improved customer services, and allowed the casino to free up space for new acquisitions.

The mobile space saving shelving is ideal for storage in applications such as:

  • Casinos
  • Wedding centers & venues
  • Banquet rooms & halls
  • Party rooms
  • Event centers & venues
  • Convention centers & halls
  • Ballrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Town hall meetings

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