High Density Life Insurance Company File Storage system with 7-tiers of filing7-Tier High Density Systems Solve Life Insurance Company’s File Storage Problem

7-Tier High Density Systems revolutionized file storage for a life insurance company with Separating File Cabinets. A large life insurance company had over two-and-a-half million active files in three different locations at its downtown headquarters. The company needed more space for staff and the 7-Tier Separating File Cabinets provided the floor space they needed. The insurance company had been storing files in 5-drawer vertical file cabinets and was running out of space. The entire filing system needed to be completely reorganized to provide greater productivity and easier access, as well as expansion capability. Five 7-Tier High Density Systems were able to consolidate files into less floor space in the company’s new facility. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

7-Tier High Density Systems Increase Life Insurance Company’s File Storage Capacity

The chart below shows how much space the life insurance company was able to save with the new 7-Tier High Density Systems and the increased file storage capacity.

7-Tier High Density Systems vs 5-Drawer Vertical File Cabinets

7-Tier High Density Systems Improve Life Insurance Company’s Productivity

The High Density Systems contain 30 carriages in lengths of 45, 50, and 54 feet with cantilever type shelving and safety sweeps. The Separating File Cabinets feature programmable aisles to provide multiple staff members to safely access the system at any given time. The life insurance company processes 500 to 1,000 retrieval requests and 3,000 to 4,000 pieces of paper a day. The High Density Systems have decreased filing and retrieval times while increasing productivity.

Designing, Installing, and Servicing 7-Tier High Density Systems

If your business needs to save space, consolidate files, and increase productivity, we can help. Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing, installing, and servicing 7-Tier High Density Systems for all types of businesses since 1969. Contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and schedule a free consultation.


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