Ensuring Packages Get to the Right Recipients 24/7

condos and apartments self-service mail lockersNo matter what’s inside, packages are extremely valuable to the recipient. Condo and apartment management companies are very aware of this, and do their best to ensure every package makes it to the right person in a timely manner. But that doesn’t always happen. However, with self-service mail lockers you can make sure every resident gets their package by offering secure, 24/7 package pickup at your condo or apartment. Click here to learn more about keyless digital lockers.

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How the Self-Service Mail Lockers Work to Allow 24/7 Package Pickup

The self-service mail lockers are design for use in condos, apartment complexes, and any multi-unit residential building. Because the lockers automate processes and track deliveries, you can easily reduce the costs associated with managing and distributing packages to residents.

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In addition to the cost efficiency the self-service mail lockers offer, the system improves chain of custody and ensures secure and accountable delivery of packages. As deliveries arrive, they are placed in a locker using a completely secure process. Residents are immediately notified of the delivery by email or text message, enabling them to pick up their packages at their convenience. They access the locker and retrieve their packages by simply entering a secure, uniquely generated authentication code or PIN number or by swiping an RFID card. View more apartment & condo storage solutions

Features and Benefits of the Self-Service Mail Lockersoffer 24-7 package pickup at your condos or apartments

The self-service mail lockers give your condo or apartment complex unprecedented security, automation and cost savings when it comes to handling valuable and time-critical mail items. Here are just some of the features and benefits of the self-service mail lockers:

  • designed and built to meet specific residence needs
  • modular configuration and integrated plug-and-play components enable the system to be readily scaled to support system extensions
  • simple, user-friendly interface through LCD touch screen
  • 24/7 availability improves customer access
  • improved chain of custody through complete audit trail and event tracking
  • compatible with biometric and RFID access devices
  • manual override for emergencies and power outages
  • administrators can access tailored reports, assess usage and monitor system performance
  • integrated video and image monitoring
  • system allows users to ship outgoing mail utilizing the same user-friendly interface

Contact Us for Self Service Mail Lockers for Your Condos or Apartments

Southwest Solutions Group® will provide your condo or apartment complex with expert design and planning assistance for self-service mail lockers. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will get you in touch with the locker specialist in your area.


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