Are You Running Out of Floor Space?

I’m running out of floor space” is typically the first thing we hear from our customers. And if you’re experiencing this same problem, you’re not alone. Research from JLL, a financial and professional services firm, asserts that both office and industrial markets are experiencing a lack of space due to sustained job growth, high demand for real estate, decreasing vacancies, stagnant construction, and increasing rents.

So if you can’t justify purchasing or leasing more space, your only other option is to make the most out of the space you already have. That’s where we come in. We have the solutions that will solve your floor space challenges (after all, we’ve been doing this since 1969). Explore some of the options below, or if you prefer, give us a call now at 1-800-1083 and speak to the specialist in your area.

Office Solutions to Maximize Floor Space

  • High Density Shelving: removes unnecessary access aisles to compact shelving, effectively cutting your storage space requirements in half.
  • Sliding Shelving: stacks rows of storage one in front of the other on tracks, creating a simple yet cost-effective storage system.
  • Digitizing Documents: creates an electronic record and removes the need to store and retain paper.
  • Lektriever Filing Cabinets: store the same amount of files as 27 lateral cabinets in a fraction of the space.maximize floor space with mobile shelving, compact racks, vertical shuttles, and bedlifts
  • Mobile Workstations: keep up with workforce changes, allowing you to adapt your office space faster than with traditional cubicle or benching systems.
  • Architectural Walls: create the space you want quickly, easily, and practically without the need for costly renovation.

Industrial Solutions to Maximize Floor Space

  • Compact Pallet Racks: are attached to tracks to create a movable access aisle, which reduces your warehouse storage space requirements by 50%.  
  • Vertical Lift Shuttles: extend storage vertically and use cube technology to reduce your parts and inventory storage space up to 85%.
  • Mobile High Bay Shelving: is an excellent option to take advantage of the vertical space in archive repositories.
  • Vidir Bedlifts: store 2, 3, 4, or 5 hospital beds in the same space as one by taking advantage of overhead space.
  • Specialty Carousels: automate storage for heavy, hard to handle items like rolls of textiles, tires, hanging garments, wire spools, and print cylinders.  
  • Mezzanines: add another floor level in your facility for storing inventory or space for additional offices.

Contact Us for More Solutions to Your Floor Space Problems

These are just some of our available solutions that will help you make better use of your floor space. To get help and discover which solutions are right for your particular needs, we offer a free space analysis. Just send us a message and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced representatives today.