Is Clutter Disrupting Your Business?

If you’ve ever said the words “I need less clutter”, you’re not alone. In fact, a survey from Office Max found that clutter at work negatively affects 90 percent of Americans. In each category – productivity, state of mind, motivation, and happiness – over half of the survey respondents were affected when there’s clutter.

And according to over 25 percent of the survey participants, one of the biggest barriers to getting rid of clutter is not having the right organizational tools or systems in place. But don’t worry because we will help. We have the solutions you need to get rid of clutter and get organized. Explore some of the options below, or if you prefer, give us a call now at 1-800-1083 and speak to the specialist in your area.

Products and Services to Reduce Clutterreduce clutter with high density shelving, package lockers, rotary cabinets and mail furniture

High Density Shelving: reduces the space needed for storage while increasing capacity, allowing you to centralize storage for easy retrieval.

Document Scanning Services: migrate your paper files to digital documents based on your specific needs and budget.

Sliding Shelving: is a cost-effective solution for condensing your storage into one area that’s organized and easily accessible.

Rotary Spinning Cabinets: offer double-sided locking storage, enabling you to replace lateral file cabinets.

Automated Filing Cabinets: are completely enclosed and deliver stored items directly to the user at an ergonomic work counter.

Modular Mailroom Furniture: optimizes mail distribution efficiency and makes it easier to locate stored documents.

Self-Service Package Lockers: help to manage and store packages and mail at apartment and condo complexes.

Wheelchair Racks: use overhead space to store wheelchairs, getting them up off the floor and out of the way.

Record Retention Schedules: are compliant solutions that ensure inactive records are being purged on a regular basis.

Box Storage Shelving: provides space savings, quick and easy access, and protection for documents and the people who access them.

Contact Us for Help Getting Rid of Clutter

These are just some of our available solutions that will reduce clutter in your workplace. To get help and discover the product and service that’s right for your particular needs, we offer a free space analysis. Just send us a message and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced representatives today.