Cable management is crucial in keeping an office environment safe, efficient, productive, and visually appealing. Floor cable raceways provide a neat, discreet, and adaptable cable management solution that helps prevent cable clutter, trip hazards, and cable damage. These low-profile raceways have two installation options: mounted over the floor or under the carpet.

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Benefits of Floor Cable Raceways


Floor Cable Raceway VideoFloor cable raceways are modular, scalable, and designed to adapt to changing needs. As the layout of your space evolves, the raceways can be easily reconfigured or extended to meet your future cable management requirements. With features such as interchangeable power devices and easily added data devices, you can design and adapt raceways to meet the needs of your space now and in the future.


Floor cable management solutions help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace. Exposed cables can pose a tripping hazard, leading to falls and potential injuries. Floor raceways keep cables covered and organized inside an aluminum casing, with transition ramps to minimize tripping risks. The ADA-compliant under-carpet raceways keep the entire wiring system hidden beneath the carpet to promote safety.


under carpet raceway systemFloor cable raceways improve the overall appearance of office space by providing clean, discreet cable management. Each low-profile cable raceway keeps cables and wires hidden, enhancing the professional look of the environment. Under-carpet raceways blend seamlessly with your flooring, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your space. This tidy appearance can positively impact the perception of clients and visitors and reduce workplace distractions and enhance employee productivity and morale.

Equipment Longevity

Floor cable management raceways provide a protective cord cover for cables, shielding them from foot traffic, equipment, and potential damage. This helps extend the lifespan of the cables and connected devices, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and repairs. It also ensures reliable network and power connections for your employees. Plus, the system’s modular design provides easy access for cable maintenance when necessary, especially for over-floor raceways. Additionally, all raceway top cover and ramp components are moisture-resistant and designed to withstand carpet cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping, thus guaranteeing the preservation of your cables during office cleaning.

Ease of Installation

Raceways are designed for quick and easy installation, minimizing the disruption to your facility. No permanent or complex building modifications are required. The raceways install in approximately 15 to 20 minutes per linear foot, meaning a complete eight-foot raceway can be fully installed and powered in under three hours.

Floor Cable Raceway Features & Specifications

floor cable management solutionFloor cable raceways are customizable solutions for office spaces, including workstations, huddle spaces, training rooms, and more. Basic features and specifications include the following:

  • Accommodates two or more power and data points with multiple circuits
  • Includes pre-wired power and versatile data
  • Each order includes aluminum top covers and low-profile transition and end ramps
  • Tested to UL 111 standards
  • Overall raceway height: 0.66″ for under-carpet, 0.81″ for over-floor
  • Raceway length: up to 75 feet
  • Load rating: up to 250 lb. for an individual point load, up to 1,000 lb. for a four-point load
  • Over-floor raceways come in a standard silver finish, with an optional dark gray finish available for an additional charge.

Three devices are available to provide access to power. These power devices are interchangeable and can be hot-swapped at any time.

  • Hubcap – creates a walkable surface and provides accessibility to power for future needs.
  • Receptacle device – provides four outlets, available in various four-circuit options.
  • Hardwire device – a four-circuit monument that can connect to most furniture base feeds

Two data devices are also available to provide data connectivity. These devices can easily attach next to any power device on the raceway.

  • Grommet – allows cables to enter and exit the raceway
  • Data device – accommodates up to eight low-voltage keystone modules

Other optional accessories include:

  • Vertical wire manager – attaches to any power or data device for cable management
  • Rough-in frame – install before drywall to create a rough opening for cabling
  • Extra hubcap – creates a walkable surface and provides power accessibility for future needs

Planning a Floor Cable Raceway System

under carpet floor racewayOnce you’ve determined that a floor cable raceway system is your solution, it’s time to plan out the right system to meet your facility’s requirements. There are a few important factors to consider when planning your floor cable management raceway.

First, envision the ways you might adapt your space over time. Begin by determining the space’s current use. Then consider what other purposes you might use it for in the future. How might the furniture need to be rearranged to suit these purposes?

With this in mind, determine how many points of access you need. To maximize your system’s adaptability at minimal cost, use more power hubs with shorter track segments in between.

Then, determine how much data you need. Data capacity varies between over-floor and under-carpet raceways. Visit our online store to see our other office storage products.

Over-floor raceway data capacity options include:

  • 0 to 6 cables (typical for office conference rooms)
  • 7 to 24 cables (typical for up to 12 workstations)
  • 25 to 42 cables (typical for up to 21 workstations)

Under-carpet raceway data capacity options include:

  • 0 to 4 cables (typical for office conference rooms)
  • 5 to 14 cables (typical for up to seven workstations)
  • 15 to 24 cables (typical for up to 12 workstations)

Under-Carpet v. Over-Floor Raceways

low profile racewaysAlong with data capacity, there are a few other key differences between under-carpet and over-floor cable raceways that you should remember when planning your floor cable management system.


Under-carpet raceways:

  • Installed beneath the carpet – existing carpet tiles must be lifted for installation and replaced over the raceway
  • Secure to the floor using screws

Over-floor raceways:

  • Install on top of existing flooring
  • Secure to the floor using screws


floor cable racewayUnder-carpet raceways:

  • Virtually invisible as they are hidden beneath the carpet
  • Do not disrupt the visual appearance of the space
  • Maintain a clean and seamless flooring surface

Over-floor raceways:

  • Visible as they sit on top of the floor
  • May disrupt the aesthetics of the space, especially if they are not color-matched to the floor or carpet


Under-carpet raceways:

  • The carpet surface must be removed for modifications to the cable system
  • Power access available through power devices

Over-floor raceways:

  • Floor mounted wireway cord covers can be easily removed or lifted to provide access to cables
  • Power access available through power devices


under carpet racewayUnder-carpet raceways:

  • Best suited for carpet tile
  • It may not be compatible with broadloom carpet or other flooring types

Over-floor raceways:

  • Compatible with any flooring surface, including broadloom carpet

The choice between over-floor and under-carpet raceways depends on aesthetics, compatibility with flooring materials, and the desired level of cable concealment. Under-carpet raceways are a more discreet and hidden solution, while over-floor raceways offer a simplified installation and are compatible with more flooring surfaces.

Floor Cable Raceway Installation Process

  1. Install the entrance fitting at the base of the wall to allow the cables to enter the raceway.
  2. Build your raceway by connecting track segments and power hubs according to your desired layout.
  3. Install power devices at the power hubs.
  4. Surround the floor-mounted raceway with transition ramps.
  5. Install the aluminum top covers over the segments between the power devices.
  6. For under-carpet raceways, install or replace carpet tile over the entire system, cutting the flooring to leave the power devices accessible.

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