under carpet raceways power data connectivityRaceways and wireways bring power, data, and communications from the wall to the interior of your building through the floor, but without the expense of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes. There are two main ways this is accomplished: under the carpet or mounted to the floor.

What are Under Carpet Raceways?

Under carpet raceways have a flush profile to offers the power and connectivity you need in virtually any situation. The raceway combines an extruded aluminum central wireway flanked by ultra-low sloping floor transition ramps and an array of accessories and options. Not only is the under carpet raceway strong and adaptable, but it complies with ADA requirements. When visual appeal, flexibility and budget is important, under carpet raceways are your best option. (Click here to see how other companies have used under carpet raceways)

What are Floor Mounted Wireways?

Floor mounted wireways install directly on top of any type of flooring to give you access to power and technology in open spaces. Extremely durable and discrete, these wireways offer a large range of power, AV, telecom connectivity options. When speed of installation, adaptability, and price are essential factors in your project, floor mounted wireways are the solution you need. (Click here to find out more about floor mounted wireways)

Where Can Raceways & Wireways Be Used?

floor mounted wireways connect dataUnder carpet raceways and floor mounted wireways can be used in a variety of places within your office building. Here are just a few examples.

Training Rooms

Whether it’s in a formal training room or conference room, your employees will need access to power and technology connections. Floor mounted wireways coupled with a modular receptacle power system give your employees what they need to focus on learning instead of connectivity. These systems seamlessly integrate into the flooring to keep your training room looking sharp and professional.

Employee Workstations

Today’s workplaces are densely packed with benching systems, cubicles, and desks. And employees need to connect their devices. Under carpet raceways provide robust cabling access and connectivity without getting in the way of people or the overall office design.

Waiting Rooms

No one likes to wait, so most people bring smartphones, laptops and tablets. So when you offer people a solution for connecting their devices, you’ve just made their lives a little easier. The raceways and wireways are designed to carry not only power for recharging technology, but also Ethernet and other telecommunications ports.

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