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Last updated: August 15, 2018

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Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets for Efficient Space Saving Office File Storage

Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets also known as X2 Speed Files and Times-2™ File Storage Cabinets are compact storage systems which rotate for fast access from either side. The filing cabinet system is called Times Two (X2) because it gives double depth storage all in just one cabinet. The Times-2 cabinets will store top tab file folders, side tab file folders, binders, supplies, and all types of media. Our team of filing and storage specialists designs, delivers, and installs X2 Speed Files, Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets, and Times-2 File Storage for all types of business applications (click to see spinning rotary file cabinet photos).

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The X2 Speed Files Design Takes Office Storage to a Whole New Level

The X2 Speed Files can be used to save space, divide space, and for shared space to enhance workflow of documents and materials. A single 7-tier Times-2 File Storage Cabinet gives you more filing capacity than three traditional lateral files, in less floor space, so you can store more information while saving floor space at the same time. Because the Times-2 Speed Files greatly reduce the amount of square footage needed for office storage, the extra space can be used for additional workstations, more file storage, or to store other supplies and media.

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Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets Provide More Office Storage Options

Within the Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets you can store:

  • Files in roll-out top tab hanging file drawers or on end tab file folders on shelves
  • Books and notebook binders on shelves
  • DVDs, CDs or office supplies in various sizes of roll-out drawers
  • Hanging garments and wardrobe storage
  • Locking security drawers for confidential files, personal items, or other items needing security
  • There are also roll-out reference shelves available for a writing surface or to set files on when filing

Designing and Planning Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinets Assistance

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, and service for Times Two Rotary Filing Cabinet and X2 Speed Files throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Call us today at 1-800-803-1083 or email us for a free analysis of your office filing and storage area.


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