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FAQ About large diameter High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) fans

setup for large diameter HVLS industrial overhead fansYou're interested in providing better ventilation, energy savings, and a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers in your facility with large diameter HVLS industrial overhead fans, but you may still have some questions. The following will provide answers in two parts to our most frequently-asked questions about our large diameter industrial fans.

Q: How do the fans circulate air?

A: The surrounding air is pulled from the area above the fan and pushed down to floor level. The air that is pushed down moves out horizontally when it hits the floor, providing a large cooling zone with constantly moving air.

Q: What is Tubercle Technology™?
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A: Tubercle Technology™ is inspired by the flippers of humpback whales, which have tubercles to promote better maneuverability through water. On fan blades, it provides hyperstability that lowers noise and vibrations that cause damage to the blades and drive train. The tubercles increase lift and decrease drag, meaning they are more energy efficient since they require lower wind speeds and can generate more electricity in more locations than conventional blades. The tubercle blades offer stall angles as high as 22º.

large diameter hvls industrial-grade overhead fans FAQ

Q: How do I know what size fan I need?

A: The size of your fan should typically match the height of your facility as close as possible. For example, a 24' high ceiling should have a 24' diameter fan. Larger fans will be able to move air further across obstructions and down aisles, while smaller fans tend to be more effective in smaller spaces.

Q: What should be the mounting height for the fan?

A: A minimum clearance is required for each fan since the air is pulled from above it. The minimum clearance is based on the diameter of the fan and your ceiling's support structure. We can help you determine the mounting height of the fans with our site surveys of your facility.

Read Part 2 of our FAQ here for any additional questions.

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