Did you know that for every degree rise in temperature above 77 degrees, productivity by 2%? Studies have found that the average drop in productivity in facilities with poor ventilation results in an annual cost of $60 billion. HVLS fans provide an energy-efficient solution to this problem. These commercial ceiling fans cool your facility, reducing air conditioning costs and improving productivity.

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an excellent investment for facilities that require efficient and effective air movement. These large industrial ceiling fans have larger diameters and lower speeds than traditional fans, allowing them to move air more efficiently. They are ideal for efficiently cooling large facilities such as factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings, as well as many other applications. (Check out more of our industrial storage solutions here.)

This article will discuss the following:

  • Benefits of HVLS fans
  • HVLS fan features and considerations
  • What are HVLS fans?
  • Applications for HVLS fans

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Benefits of HVLS Fans

Reduced Energy Costs

HVLS Industrial FansOne of the most significant benefits of HVLS industrial ceiling fans is that they can move a large air volume with minimal energy consumption. This is due to their size and low-speed operation, which means they can effectively cool or circulate air in a large area without requiring as much electricity as smaller, faster fans. An HVLS fan with a 24-foot diameter uses less power than the average hair dryer. These industrial fans also have an extended equipment life since they cycle more slowly than smaller fans.

Increased Productivity

HVLS fans can also help improve employee comfort, morale, and productivity. With a cooler, more comfortable environment, workers are less likely to experience fatigue, heat stress, or other health issues that can arise from working in a hot, stuffy atmosphere. The HVLS ceiling fans are also quiet, minimizing distractions in noise-sensitive environments.

Year-Round Comfort

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Another advantage of HVLS fans is that they can reduce heating and cooling costs in facilities year-round. In the summer, HVLS fans can create a cooling breeze that helps to reduce the need for air conditioning. During winter, you can run fans in reverse to push warm air down from the ceiling, which can help reduce the energy needed to heat a space.

Improved Air Quality

HVLS fans are also great for improving air quality in a facility. By circulating air throughout the space, these fans can reduce stagnant air and prevent the buildup of harmful gases or other pollutants. This can be especially important in industrial settings where fumes or other hazardous substances may be present. Plus, industrial HVLS fans reduce humidity and condensation, minimizing the growth of mold and other allergens as well as the risk of equipment damage and corrosion.

HVLS Fan Features and Considerations

Industrial HVLS fans come in a variety of different models with a range of diameters and numbers of blades. These big commercial ceiling fans are best for facilities with large floor areas and high ceilings. When considering which HVLS fan suits your facility, remember that your ceiling height should equal or exceed the fan’s diameter.

hvls fans increase productivityAnother consideration is fire code compliance. Industrial HVLS fans can receive stop signals from your fire suppression system to comply with NFPA sprinkler standards. Check out our HVLS fan frequently asked questions to learn more about fire code compliance.

In addition, consider integrating HVLS ceiling fans with wind-driven exhaust turbines. The turbines flush out hot air and replace it with cool fresh air that the fans will disseminate throughout the facility. These solutions can cool your facility by up to 10 degrees when working together.

HVLS fan features and specifications include:

  • Diameters: 8’, 12’, 16’, 20’, 24’
  • Number of blades: three to five
  • Blade pitch adjustable from 8 to 21 degrees
  • Rotation up to 400,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
  • Fans can cover an area of up to 230 feet in diameter
  • 0.75 to 1.5 kw operation
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Variable speed controls
  • Reversible operation (facilitates heating in winter)
  • Equipped and compliant with ESFR control relays
  • Fully UL approved
  • Compatible with existing HVAC and fire suppressant systems
  • Ability to link multiple fans together

What are HVLS Fans?

hvls fans industrial ceiling fanHigh Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are giant industrial ceiling fans designed to move large volumes of air at a low speed. These fans are typically much larger than traditional ceiling fans, with diameters ranging from 8 to 24 feet. HVLS fans are often used in large commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.

The low-speed operation of HVLS fans sets them apart from traditional fans. While most fans operate at high speeds to move a small volume of air, HVLS fans move a large volume of air at a low speed. The fan blankets the floor area with a constant, gentle air current, creating an evaporative cooling effect. These low-speed fans improve destratify air creating even ambient temperatures and reducing condensation and humidity.

HVLS fans typically have fewer blades than traditional fans, with only three to five blades. The blades allow the fans to move more air with less resistance, resulting in lower energy consumption. HVLS fans operate quietly, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

A unique feature of HVLS ceiling fans is their tubercle-style blades. Studies show that these fan blades are 20% more efficient than smooth fan blades. The innovative blade design minimizes wind resistance as air passes across each blade. Less wind resistance allows more air to be moved at a slower speed and with fewer blades, resulting in quieter operation and energy cost savings. Visit our online store to see our industrial storage products.

Applications for HVLS Fans

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HVLS fans are a highly efficient and effective cooling and air circulation solution in large commercial and industrial spaces. Applications that utilize HVLS ceiling fans include:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Factories
  • Automotive manufacturers and dealerships
  • Lumber yards
  • Agriculture and barn facilities
  • Gyms
  • Sports arenas
  • Airports
  • Event centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Churches and schools
  • Government buildings

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