Protecting the safety of others starts with keeping your equipment safe. Southwest Solutions Group offers solutions that organize and secure your weapons. Our secure SUV gun storage solutions are the first choice of law enforcement professionals across the United States. Enhancing the safety of others begins with a responsibility towards individual security, organization, and care of your weapons.

Our robust storage systems provide law enforcement professionals with the tools to excel in these areas. Our extensive selection of secure vehicle solutions results from partnerships with numerous public safety departments and even at the Federal level.

With SUVs, we offer intuitive designs that begin with essential security and elevate to fully customizable command center offerings to keep your guns safe.

Our solutions also protect against moisture and fire damage, lost response time due to lack of organization, and lost dollars due to unnecessary wear and tear on the weapons.

We meet the challenges that come with SUV weapon storage.

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The Importance of Secure In-Vehicle Weapon Storage

SUV Gun Storage VideoGun Storage for SUVs in law enforcement is no small task. The need is screamingly obvious. Look at recent statistics on what law enforcement faces when out on the road.

  • One hundred fifty-six patrol cars were totaled last year during protests, NBC Times Los Angeles.
  • During the Seattle riots, AR-15 rifles went missing from police vehicles, Seattle Times.
  • During the summer of 2020 in Denver, a high-powered assault rifle was stolen from a police car while the officer left his window open while on a foot pursuit, WBRZ news.

These headlines and many others like them have dominated news feeds recently. With many demonstrations and protests across the country turning violent, police officers and vehicles have often been the target in these riots. The need for secure in-vehicle weapon storage by law enforcement personnel has become increasingly apparent.

5 Benefits of Secure SUV Weapon Storage

Gun storage for police SUVsWe care. That is why we offer many SUV weapon storage options to law enforcement officers. Every officer has different preferences regarding vehicle organization; however, our SUV gun storage options present many benefits compared to other available options. Below we discuss five critical benefits of cargo-based weapon storage solutions and how they can streamline the work-life of a police officer.

1. Keeps Weapons in Good Working Condition.

Law Enforcement firearms are not inexpensive. They can represent some of the most significant expenditures for many police departments. If not properly secured, weapons can slide around in a vehicle, get damaged, or even misfire, and weapons in poor condition are hazardous.

Our SUV gun storage can help protect these high-dollar items and extend their functional life. Southwest Solutions Group SUV weapon lockers safely secure weapons to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Each locker has a felt-lined interior and Velcro straps that protect weapons from sliding inside the safe. Proper firearms maintenance is paramount, and adequate weapon storage plays a vital role.

2. Moves Weapons Out-of-Sight.SUV firearm storage for Law Enforcement

Many weapon storage solutions for police vehicles result in guns being visible. Having weapons visible allows others outside the SUV to see the weapon’s location.

These storage solutions encourage criminals since guns are a high-reward target. Southwest Solutions Group SUV weapon lockers are installed strategically in the rear of vehicles to keep weapons out of sight of criminals. Even with the trunk or back hatch open, weapons are still safely hidden and secure.

3. Allows Quick Access to Weapons

In law enforcement, every second matters. Quick access to weapons can make the difference between life and death.

Many SUV weapon storage options available to police officers make quick and easy weapon retrieval challenging. The design of these weapons storage systems forces them to wrestle with grabbing their weapon from a console or rifle rack, wasting valuable time.

Many rear cargo area products on the market require a manual key or a combination entry to access weapons.

Southwest Solutions SUV gun lockers feature remote-access opening technology to protect the lives of law enforcement officers. Our SUV gun lockers open electronically with a push of a button on a wireless remote. There are no combinations to remember.

Weapon storage for police SUVs

It features the lowest time to deploy any trunk or rear cargo area product in the industry. It immediately presents the officer’s weapons to them when they arrive at their vehicle’s rear.

4. Organizes Firearms

In law enforcement, your police car is your office. Being organized is critical in a career where every second matters. Disorganization doesn’t allow you to quickly and easily find weapons when needed. A dedicated weapons storage solution enables you to access the weapons efficiently. Having organized and consistently organized guns allows police officers to focus on essential tasks. The Southwest Solutions SUV gun storage solution uses the entire footprint of your rear vehicle. It eliminates space behind the box, so items don’t get stuck or lost. Our SUV gun lockers include adjustable dividers, making a customizable interior configuration possible.

5. Assists in Theft PreventionSUV weapons storage for Law Enforcement

Secure weapon storage helps prevent theft and police weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Safe weapon storage is fundamental to law enforcement. Many events over the last year have demonstrated to an even greater degree the need for SUV weapon storage. A stolen weapon has severe consequences for officers and the community. The design of our weapons lockers has security in mind. Manufactured from steel, it delivers top-notch durability in the event thieves find them.

Transporting firearms in Police SUVs is challenging, dangerous, and a hassle. Having the right SUV weapons locker for your vehicle is not an option but a necessity. Our SUV gun locker solutions meet the challenges police officers face every day in trying to store and organize their weapons.

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Southwest Solutions has worked with law enforcement agencies across the country to improve their weapons storage, including truck gun storage. Since 1969, we’ve proudly teamed up with law enforcement agencies to help them stay organized and ready for anything. We provide everything from gun storage lockers to police gear lockers and more. We believe that well-designed storage can help officers operate better as they serve our communities. Are you ready to retrofit your trucks with gun storage beds? Our design team can help ensure that the lockers will fit your existing truck fleet. Our installation team will work fast and efficiently to implement your order. Email us or call 1-800-803-1083 today to request a quote.


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“The sales representative and installers were extremely professional and helpful. Our products we delivered and installed as scheduled. I was very proud to take pictures of our installation and show it off to our administration. We are very satisfied with the improvements to our department thanks to the products you have installed.”

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