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The police vehicle trunk gun lockers and hidden weapon safes for SUVs, Sedans, and pickup trucks provide safe, secure storage and rapid access for officers in the field. These gun lockers are designed to fit into any standard police vehicle, including but not limited to the Ford Interceptor Utility, Ford Interceptor Sedan, Chevrolet Tahoe and Impala, and Dodge Durango and Chargers.

With its remote open feature, officers can unlock the safes with the push of a button so their weapons are ready for retrieval by the time they reach the rear of the vehicle. The patented quick deployment system allows these lockers to have the least time to deployment of any trunk or rear cargo product in the industry. The remote control also eliminates the need to keep track of keys or combinations (manual keys are included in case officers need to access their weapons when vehicle power is disabled).

Within the locker, there is plenty of room to store two guns as well as ammo and other weapon accessories while using a small amount of space within the trunk. Its secure design keeps weapons hidden even when the trunk or back hatch is open. Click here to see how the police vehicle trunk gun lockers work.

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