Maximizing Audio-Visual Media Storage Capacity

Recessed Shelf Storing DVD 8mm VHS Beta CD Tapes

High Capacity Storage Shelves can be personalized to meet all of your audio-visual media storage needs. You will easily be able to store DVD, 8mm, VHS, Beta, CD, and tapes in a High Capacity Storage Shelves. We have a variety of standard storage systems and customized High Capacity Storage Shelves to match your specific storage and budget requirements. You can purchase stand-alone media shelving or High Capacity Storage Shelves that mount onto floor tracks to maximize your computer media and audiovisual media storage capacities while saving floor space. (view pictures of High Capacity Storage Shelves on Tracks)

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High Capacity Storage Shelves Features

The High Capacity Storage Shelves for audio-visual media and computer backup media has many features including,

  • 1/2″ vertical shelf adjustment – with no tools
  • Three standard heights – 60″, 81″ & 90″
  • Standard width – 35″
  • Two standard depths – 5.5″ & 7″high capacity dvd tape data media storage cabinets Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio
  • Powder coat finish with no off-gassing
  • Leveling guides to easily level shelves
  • Optional locking doors for security & protection
  • Optional Stabilizing feet for seismic zone installations
  • Adjustable backstop to position media to the front of the shelf
  • Optional media rack inserts that snap on shelves for discrete slot filing of media

Optional shelf styles for a wide range of media including DVD, 8mm, VHS, CDs, and tapes.

  1. A Standard Shelf – can be used for any media including DVD, 8mm, VHS, Beta, CD, and tapes. It is also the best choice for audiovisual media that is taller than it is deep.
  2. The Recessed Shelf – is designed primarily for data media applications where a front label area is required on the shelf. It is best for audio-visual media that is square or shorter than it is deep.
  3. The Flat Shelf – is a budget version of the recessed shelf. It has no tracks and will not accommodate a backstop.

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  1. High Capacity Storage Shelves Rolling on Tracks

high capacity sliding storage shelves storing mixed media Oklahoma City Kansas Little Rock Tulsa Wichita

All of our High Capacity Storage Shelves can be put on Tracks initially or at a later date. The track system works by mounting shelving wheels that roll back and forth on tracks to compact storage and save space. High Capacity Storage Shelves on tracks will decrease the storage area you use for storing audiovisual media like DVD, 8mm, VHS, Beta, CD, and tapes by 50% or more.

Designing and Installing High Capacity Storage Shelves for Computer Data and Audio-Visual Media

Southwest Solutions Group’s professionals are experts at designing and installing High Capacity Storage Shelves for computer data and audiovisual media like DVD, 8mm, VHS, Beta, CD, and tapes. Just give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to get in touch with your local representative.