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computer parts high density compact mobile storageA U.S. Naval Guided Missile School that trains personnel in the operation and repair of electronic and mechanical systems found they were having issues with their sub-par organization and storage systems. The solution was to store computer parts in compact mobile shelving to both save space and increase their storage capacity in a small footprint. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

storage challenges

For the school to perform its training responsibilities, it maintains an inventory of about 7,500 computer parts. However, the school had a limited amount of storage space for these parts. Because of this, computer parts were stored in a largely unorganized fashion. There was also no security or system to safeguard the expensive or classified materials. Finding a specific part was time-consuming and resulted in slower repairs of defective equipment. The quarterly inventorying of parts was even worse.

compact storage solution

compact mobile storage shelving stores computer parts for guided missile schoolWhen the school moved to a new building, it installed a compact mobile shelving system. The impact this system has had on inventory control has been impressive. The school now has an orderly way to store parts, equipment is repaired quicker, and the quarterly inventory process is smoother and much less time consuming. Because parts are in hundreds of specially sized drawers, school personnel are no longer required to stack and re-stack boxes in order to find a part at the bottom of the pile.

The compact mobile shelving also stores computer parts in less space but with more storage capacity than traditional static shelving. Unlike shelving that requires access aisles between every row, the compact mobile shelving eliminates the need for this wasted space by compacting together when not in use. By turning an ergonomic three-spoke crank, the desired aisle can be accessed without needing to open up the other aisles. Generally, compact mobile storage takes up about 50% less space than static shelving. Electric-powered, push-button mobile shelving is also available for even easier access.

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