Military and law enforcement require weapons to carry out their missions if the need arises. These weapons are lethal and may take innocent lives if not used properly and responsibly. This is why storage for military weapons requires extra attention. There are a lot of boxes to be checked before you select a solution for storing weapons. Only a few storage solutions meet the unique requirements of military weapons storage. Let’s see why!

Finding the Right Weapons Storage Solution

Uwr weapons lockerSecurity: A weapons storage solution must be secure. It should only be accessed by authorized personnel and must resist the access attempts of anyone else. One of the best ways a storage solution can provide security is by offering a good quality locking mechanism. However, it doesn’t end there. The rigidity of the weapon storage solution is also equally important. Usually, heavy-gauge steel is the standard for making weapon storage solutions such as heavy-duty weapons cabinets.

Accessibility: As weapon storage units must stop unauthorized access, they should also provide easy access to authorized personnel. In other words, the time delay between accessing the storage unit and getting the weapon or gear must be as low as possible. When duty calls, there is no time to fiddle around with a storage unit that makes it difficult to access the defense gear. Modern locking solutions with keyless access make the process of weapon retrieval quick and easy.

Visibility: Military storage units must follow a construction that allows enough visibility into the storage unit. Greater visibility allows the military personnel to easily see inside the storage unit and pick the right gear. Usually, we see cutouts in the form of perforated doors and rear walls. See-through high-strength glass is also available on locker systems. An advantage of perforated storage units is that it allows air to easily pass through the system removing moisture from the gear if it is wet. Besides, perforations also help personnel to easily view items inside the storage, enabling quick retrieval of the correct weapon when in need.

Versatility: Versatility is an important part of a weapon storage unit. Usually, weapons like guns require additional accessories like scopes and barrels that demand a storage space along with the gun. With small or short storage spaces, the accessories would have to be dismantled from the gun. With a larger storage unit, guns can be stored with all the additional hardware intact, which is a much more convenient solution.

Space Efficiency: The storage unit must use the available space efficiently. In other words, it should be able to pack the space with very little room wastage. However, this doesn’t mean everything should be crammed together, which comes at the cost of accessibility. With military high-density shelving, it is possible to efficiently store weapons without compromising accessibility.

Exploring Different Weapon Storage Solutions

There are several weapons storage solutions available, each differing in how and what they store. Let us explore some of the most popular ones.

Universal Weapons Rack

As the name suggests, it can store almost any type of weapon and gear. The storage is designed so that it can be easily accessed and has separate storage racks for weapons and gear. You can add more items to the storage unit with bolt-on storage racks. The flexibility these storage racks offer is unparalleled.

A universal weapons rack comes with perforated doors and sides, providing airflow into the cabinet. As discussed earlier, such a feature is useful when the officials have to store wet gear. The rack also has dedicated bins for storing gear. The construction of the universal weapons rack uses high gauge steel to withstand weapon loading and accidental shocks while in transport. To further aid in transportation, it comes with handles on either side to be picked up and moved rather easily. Some of the additional features include:

  • Multiple storage configurations to store small arms, shotguns, handguns, and other weapons
  • Store weapons with accessories intact like optics or other hardware
  • Powder-coated paint withstands rugged use
  • Easily customizable

Weapons Rack

While the universal weapons rack can store both weapons and gear, the weapons rack is solely devoted to storing weapons. It shares many of the features with the universal weapons rack, such as:

  • Diamond-shaped perforations for better airflow and visibility
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction with carrying handles
  • Universal weapons rack to hold a wide variety of weapons
  • Durable powder-coated paint finish
  • PVC coated barrel holders that reduce weapons abrasion in storage

The weapons rack is a no-nonsense storage unit for storing firearms, tasers, and guns such as M4, M16, AR-15, MP5, M249, and M240. Customization is the real key here, as you can add different holders and brackets to accommodate these firearms without losing space.

Optics and Night Vision Device Storage Cabinets

Optics and night vision devices are considered high-value assets not simply because of their cost but for their capabilities that enable military personnel to spot enemies even in the dark. It is necessary to have a storage system that ensures the safety and security of these high-value assets when not in use. At the same time, the storage unit must also facilitate easy access to these items when needed. 

Cabinets designed for these hardware sport ventilation cutouts, which also enhance visibility. Unlike firearms, they do not require much space, keeping the cabinet size small. With multiple size options to choose from, you can build a comprehensive storage unit that can hold multiple items, such as different types of scopes.Space saver pistol rack

Space-Saver Pistol Rack

Pistols are one of the most manageable firearms in the force. While pistols require less storage space, they need a secure storage system to prevent theft and mishandling.

A space-saver pistol rack is a high-density handgun storage system that can store multiple handguns without compromising on safety or space. Some of the notable benefits of space-saver pistol racks are:

  • Maximizes storage capacity
  • Weapons are easy to retrieve and identify
  • Vinyl coated contact areas protect handgun surfaces
  • Two-piece design allows for flexibility in rack placement
  • Accommodates most handguns within a single unit
  • Additional security options available on shelving and mobile storage systems

Secure Weapon lockers

While the options stated above are certainly secure, you can take these weapon storage units to the next level with secure weapon lockers. These are like heavy-duty weapons cabinets combined with technological advancements in the industry. At the heart of this system lies Controloc Technology, a construction method that uses electromechanical locks to secure the gear.

Since it uses electromechanical locks, the user can unlock the locker with either a

PIN or keycard. Secure weapon lockers are used to store high-value assets. It is not meant for fast access to weapons. While it may not be the fastest to access, it has certain features that make it a cut above:

  • Solid construction with no perforations
  • Self-closing doors
  • Protected LCD display
  • Full network compatibility

Additional Features for Easy Weapon Transportation and Tracking

Until now, we’ve looked at different types of military high-density shelving. However, military and law enforcement requirements are different from standard use cases, demanding stricter access tracking and control when transporting weapons. With slight modifications, it is possible to make these storage units more efficient in these areas. Some of the customized solutions include:

Weapon Transport Carts

Universal weapons rack cartsWeapon transport carts can be attached to weapon storage cabinets to give them the power of mobility. A weapon transport cart is attached with industrial duty casters and locks so that it becomes easy to move around the cabinets.

High-quality casters bear the massive weight of a fully-loaded weapons rack. They also ensure that the wheels don’t lock up under the weight, which can lead to the cabinet tipping over amidst travel. Similarly, the locking feature enables the wheels to be locked in place when the cabinet doesn’t have to move. It reduces unnecessary movement and enables the cabinet to stay still on surfaces with minor slopes.

RFID Weapons & Armory Tracking

RFID weapons tracking uses RFID tags that can show the weapon’s location when scanned. The advantage of RFID tags is that it doesn’t require a power source, and a single scanner can tag multiple weapons simultaneously.

Long-range RFID tags make weapons auditing easy. By providing the law enforcement officers with RFID cards, the office can easily identify the officer receiving or returning the weapon. The whereabouts of the weapons can be tracked through software. Other benefits of the software include:

  • Administer Authorizations
  • Weapon Issue
  • Weapon Receipt
  • Fault Reporting
  • Periodic Checks
  • Inventory Control
  • Reporting

These capabilities make it easier for the office to track stolen and faulty weapons and have them replaced.

Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice

Military weapons storage racks are secure, accessible, heavy-duty, and flexible, providing the line of duty officials the capability to quickly retrieve weapons whenever the situation arises. From universal weapon racks that allow secure storage of different-sized items to efficient storage systems for optics and night vision devices, you can choose from a range of high-density storage options depending on your weapon storage needs. With features such as RFID tracking, these storage systems also prevent unauthorized weapon access and aid in inventory control. 

At Southwest Solutions Group, we have extensive expertise and experience in designing and installing a range of military and law enforcement gun cabinets and weapon storage racks for armories and other storage applications. Our armory weapons racks are available on a GSA contract. For more information about our weapons storage racks and high-capacity armory cabinets, send us a message or call us at (800) 803-1083.


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