fAQ – Frequently Asked questions about adjustable 7-foot directional fans

High velocity low speed large diameter fans, wind-driven exhaust turbines, and adjustable 7-foot directional warehouse fans are all cost-effective and easy ways to keep your facility comfortable year-round without increasing your energy costs. Here we will address some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the energy-saving and flexible 7-foot directional fans.

Q: How will the directional fans make my building more comfortable?adjustable 7-foot directional warehouse fan air foil setups

A: The directional fans use a high velocity air flow to cool inhabitants and reduce moisture to keep floors dry, control insects, and eliminate moisture-related problems such as mold and other indoor pollutants. This improves employee comfort and safety, which in turn increases productivity and morale.

Q: How much will the directional fans reduce my energy costs?

A: The fans are energy efficient and are equivalent to four large single-speed panel-aisle fans or eight 36″ basket fans while using only half the power. Directional fans can reduce cooling and ventilation costs by up to 50%.

Q: How are the fans adjustable?

A: The directional fans have six adjustable air foils that can be set up for one or two-directional use. A variable frequency drive allows you to control the air output, so it can be used year-round. The fans run 300 rpm on high and 50 rpm on low.

Q: How great is the air flow?

A: When the air foils are set in one direction, the air will reach 200 feet from the fan with a 40 feet width. For two-directional setup, the fan will blow air 40 feet by 100 feet on either side of the fan.

Q: How much does the fan weigh?

A: The fan weights 375 lbs fully assembled.

adjustable 7-foot directional warehouse fan infoQ: What mounting options are available?

A: The 7-foot directional fans can be mounted on a steel post or a building column, or can be hung from the ceiling.

Q: What clearance above the fan is required?

A: The directional fans don’t require a clearance above it to operate efficiently, as the large diameter fans do.

Q: Where are the fans typically used?

A: The 7-foot directional fans are ideal for areas with low ceilings (since no clearance is required), high rack aisles, and other smaller spaces with obstacles that deter air flow, since the directional fans can easily be set up around these obstacles without you having to move any of your existing equipment.

Q: What is the maximum ceiling height?

A: The fans can be used on ceilings up to 40 feet in height.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: The directional fans come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

Q: What are the typical applications for the fan?

A: The fans can be used for virtually any application, but they have been used for indoor and outdoor use in warehouses, processing plants, stadiums, dairy barns, greenhouses, large turkey or hog buildings, factories, and any other facility that would benefit from an energy-efficient cooling system.

Q: Can the 7-foot directional fans be used with the large diameter fans or the exhaust turbines?

A: Yes. We actually recommend that all the fans be installed as a system for maximum ventilation efficiency. Any product can be installed to work in tandem with others or can be installed as a standalone solution.

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