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Healthcare Organization Invests in Medical Supply Inventory Management Software to Save Time and Money

healthcare organization uses medical supply inventory management software

A healthcare organization was looking for a solution to improve its material management processes within the medical supply rooms to save both time and funds. The RFID StockBox medical supply inventory management software was just the solution the organization was looking to remove the need for a materials management person to manually count medical supply inventory every day. (view images of the RFID StockBox)

Why the Healthcare Organization Needed Medical Supply Inventory Management Software 

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Previously, the hospital was leasing a medical supply cabinet solution that cost $175,000 a year to maintain. While the cabinets kept medical supplies secure, the cabinets were a hassle for nurses to use. In order to access a low value item, the nurses would have to first enter a keypad code and then scan the item to try to maintain a count. This process slowed the staff down and due to the extra steps; the count was rarely kept up to date. Because of the wasted time and money trying to keep track of low value medical supplies, the hospital made the decision to remove the supplies from the cabinets. This meant the healthcare organization had to find an alternative method of managing medical supplies.

RFID StockBox Medical Supply Inventory Management Software Installed Throughout the Healthcare Organization

save money in your healthcare organization with inventory management software

The RFID StockBox was just the solution the organization was looking for because it would automate the process of counting and keeping track of inventory. After a trial installation proved extremely successful, the healthcare organization installed the RFID StockBox in the following departments,

  • Surgical Supplies
  • Neurology Supplies
  • Intermediate Care
  • PCU (Progressive Care Unit)
  • Medical Unit
  • Outpatient Supplies
  • Pediatrics
  • Nursery
  • Labor & Delivery
  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • Postpartum
  • ER Trauma

the rfid stockbox is medical supply inventory management software

Positive Results the Organization Experienced with the RFID StockBox Medical Supply Inventory Management Software

There have been several positive results for the hospital since they switched to using the RFID StockBox medical supply inventory management software. One of the main benefits of using the RFID StockBox is that nurses no longer have to wait in line to obtain needed supplies, which means they are spending less time accessing needed supplies and more time caring for their patients.

Also the RFID StockBox provides data tracking, enabling the organization to then use the data to optimize their inventory. They can see which items are rarely (if ever) turning, and which are turning fast, and reduce or increase quantities accordingly.

Additional benefits of the RFID StockBox for the healthcare organization include,

  • Over 90% annual maintenance cost reduction
  • 50% eliminated counting labor
  • Zero stock-outs
  • Eliminated expired items and waste, with right-size inventory
  • Real-time reports, accessible by hospital staff
  • Faster and easier access to supplies
  • More time for patient care

Contact Us for RFID StockBox Medical Supply Inventory Management Software for Your Healthcare Organization

The RFID StockBox inventory management software will improve materials management processes in your healthcare facility to save time and money. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to learn more about how the RFID StockBox will benefit your organization.


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