Cannabis companies are playing in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Drying rooms and equipment are major facets of cannabis cultivation, especially when it comes to improving processes for increased profitability and sustainability. 

While growing cannabis, commercial and industrial cannabis cultivators face issues concerning the drying process. The procedure requires growers to prevent the product from overdrying. If the product is dried more than necessary, it burns faster and hotter, which creates an unpleasant experience for the customer. In addition, Overdrying can occur relatively quickly in regions with low climatic humidity, such as Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada. 

Cannabis drying racks assist facilities by augmenting their drying procedures and improving productivity while utilizing minimal floor space. These drying racks are made of powder-coated finishes that make them stronger against abrasion, corrosion and wear. Growers working in small facilities who require additional storage can benefit from these drying racks’ capability of maximizing floor space. (See videos See videos)

Drying racks designed by Southwest Solutions Group are built to address various procedural, operational, and legal problems faced by producers.  

Drying Racks From Southwest Solutions Group

Drying cannabis is one of the most vital measures when undertaking this product. Commercial and industrial growers can yield high-quality cannabis using flexible and movable storage racks. These pull-out shelves are easy to draw and make accessibility simple and relatively fast. The drying racks also accommodate cleaning and strengthen the sanitation process. 

Stationary drying racks are relatively less safe and take up unnecessary space, hindering the performance. Commercial growers have previously used trays for drying, which often degrades the quality of the yield. Trays are often utilized after wet-trimming, which can cause a significant reduction in quality because manicured buds dry too quickly and lose terpenes. In addition, the trays do not provide enough surface area exposure, which causes the product to dry unevenly. Producers need to put in extra work while using trays as the buds need to reposition consistently to prevent flattening on one side. 

Grow facilities, greenhouses, indoor grow facilities, and medical industries can opt for a better option

For example, the flat-bed drying rack enables facilities to enhance their storage efficiency while utilizing minimal floor space. These cannabis drying racks have numerous harvesting advantages and give the final product a subtle flavor without any harshness. The modular design grants optimal airflow and also facilitates temperature and humidity management. 

The drying rack is intricately designed and has a simple module that prevents anxiety, paranoia, and racing thoughts during the production process. Cannabis drying solution also prevents unpleasant smells from spreading within or outside the facility and eliminates any chance of mold generation on the product or the frame.

Types of Drying Racks

The several options for the cannabis drying racks fall into two categories, namely the flat-bed drying racks and hanging drying racks. Here are some examples and highlighted features for a better picture.

Pan Racks 

Pan rack is available in two diverse designs, accommodating end load and sideload, respectively. The pan rack is manufactured with a three-inch spacing to essentially handle the increasing capacities of the yield. The end load pan rack includes an 18″ x 26″ sheet pan. This design is meant to be compatible with 14″ x 18″ and 13″ x 18″ trays. End load pan racks have an 18″ access opening on each end. The side load pan rack holds 9″ x 26″ and 18″ x 26″ trays, while a 26″ access opening is available on both ends.

Drying Rack Frames

Flat-bed cannabis drying racks can handle the product in any quantity because each level of drying and storage can adjust accordingly. The frame is designed in a way that hanging plants on wires becomes easy and drying faster. An optional basket arm allows producers to hang smaller products and augment the overall drying space.

Tray Truck 

The tray truck allows growers to change the tray’s proportion and capacity dynamically while each tray measures 30 1/2″ wide x 24″ deep. The tray truck’s design involves a 1 1/4″ lip on each side and two-inch spacing. This solution comes with the facility to hold up to 28 trays. Moreover, pull-out trays give fast and easy access for more efficiency.

Advantages of Cannabis Rack

Safety: As an additional security advantage, growers can visually see what the racks contain. The rack is corrosion-proof and designed to shield the frame against oxidation. Easy access and adjustable height options keep people off the stairs and reduce any chance of staff injuries when reaching the hanging plants. 

Increased Space: Cannabis drying racks are designed to alleviate the additional construction or renovation costs that come with increasing production and storage requirements. The vertical racks utilize vacant overhead space and allow dispensaries, growing units, and greenhouses to do more within their facilities.

Efficiency: Improved storage capacity and time is evidently going to increase the functional efficiency of the production. Moreover, incorporating cannabis drying racks into a facility makes it far easier to transport the product from one room to the other or for further processing. Uncomplicated and safe accessibility means better agility which compliments efficiency. 

Superior Management: Temperature control and airflow adjustment options allow producers to have greater control over the outcome of their yields. Sufficient light and the ability to regulate exposure are innately a part of the design. With greater modularity, the cannabis drying racks can optimally store and accommodate plants of various sizes. 

Other Cannabis Growth Solutions

Dispensary Storage Systems

Cannabis dispensaries fill their shelves with a diverse range of products, including gel caps, gummies, oils, tinctures, and topical creams. This requires dispensaries to design floor plans, keeping in mind the merchandising purposes and storage capabilities.

The optimal way to preserve the quality and potency of cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) is appropriate storage. Dispensary storage allows cultivators to enjoy greater control while simultaneously having better security measures in place. Dispensary storage systems can augment marijuana storage to preserve it for extended time frames. These storages are also meant to meet their humidity and temperature requirements which are essential for effective cultivation.

Apart from space augmentation and better control, the dispensary storage solution has other benefits such as inventory control, meticulous record-keeping, and compliance.

Vertical Growing Systems

Mobile vertical growth systems save space by utilizing the overhead space of a growing facility. Vertical systems reduce additional renovation or construction costs that arise as a result of increasing storage requirements. By incorporating vertical growing solutions, cultivators can improve the efficiency of the entire operation.

Plants need a sufficient amount of controlled light to grow. Simply spreading the plant vertically will only increase the amount of space that is being used. Moreover, it adds up to lighting and electricity costs. Cannabis producers willing to alleviate these costs can utilize vertical growing systems. These industrial high-density vertical storages systematically organize the plant within the right climate-controlled atmosphere while utilizing minimal space. The plant canopy is exposed to suitable lighting installed on the top and bottom of the growing system. 

Cannabis Storage Systems

Storing cannabis is a challenging process and needs producers to consider a range of environmental factors that influence the product’s quality. Some of the main factors that can affect the yield quality are airflow, heat, humidity, and light. Excessive or insufficient light, uncontrolled humidity, heat, and poor airflow can cause the product to lose potency or even begin to degrade. The cannabis storage solution is designed while keeping these issues in mind. 

The DEA-approved high-density storage rack allows growers to produce higher yields extensively. This storage system is movable and effectively uses floor space of the aisles when they are not required for moving. 

Wire mesh cages allow air to curate freely when the product is in storage condition. The mesh cage is capable of keeping the product visible while keeping it secure. This wired storage box is not a permanent fixture, while producers can easily displace or reconfigure it according to their needs. The wire mesh storage cases are available in different variations, including the woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh, and alternatives such as stainless steel or polycarbonate finish.

Aim for Better Yields with Southwest Solutions Group

The number of states legalizing medicinal and recreational use of marijuana is increasing. However, cannabis growers also need to abide by several rules and regulations, forcing them to move their operations indoors. To meet such unique cultivation requirements, growers need customized solutions that facilitate efficient cannabis cultivation while providing an environment that promotes better yields.

At Southwest Solutions Group, we believe that experience is the key to professional excellence. Our end-to-end design and installation services start with a collaborative team of expert planners and analysts who will help you get a better picture and determine your cannabis cultivation needs. As a cannabis grower, you can increase your productivity and aim for the best quality production without worrying about space or compliance.

Give us a call at 866-447-8340 or contact us to learn more about how our drying racks can help increase yields and improve your profitability.

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