Post harvest drying system e1643312318953Cannabis growers are always looking for ways to ensure quality while maximizing production. This is the path to enhanced long-term profitability.

The cannabis growing cycle is already on their side. Growers often get 4-6 harvests per year indoors and 1-3 harvests per year outdoors. One study of 16 growers revealed that yields averaged 40 grams per square foot per harvest. Multiple harvests increase production.

Licensing for the production of legal marijuana often defines the square footage allowed. These limits drive interest in doing as much with that space as possible. Well-designed vertical grow systems optimize earnings per square foot.
Cannabis grow solutions from Southwest Solutions Group® (SSG) include drying carts, racks, and high-density shelving. Cannabis drying carts streamline the process to increase improve productivity. They make better use of the space a grower has to work with. SSG’s mobile carts feature an innovative “patent pending” design. High-density shelving contributed to a vertical grow system that maximizes productivity.  (See videos See videos)

Rapid Growth in the Cannabis Industry

According to Leafly, legal marijuana revenue in the United States soared 71% from 2019 to 2020. Sales went from $10.7 billion in 2019 to $18.3 billion in 2020.

Although pandemic lock-downs increased interest in cannabis, expanded legalization was the primary force driving growth. Forty-eight states now allow medical marijuana use in some form. U.S. News reports that recreational marijuana is now legal in 19 states, Washington D.C., and Guam.

The changes in marijuana’s legal status reflect evolving public sentiment. According to a 2020 Gallup Poll, 68 percent of Americans now favor legalization, up from 12 percent in 1969. Support rose 30 percentage points from 2005 to 2018 alone. The industry is also expanding worldwide. Grandview Research projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Drying Options

The right drying temperatures and relative humidity are vital. Excessive temperatures and/or low humidity can lead to overdrying. This leads to a lesser quality product that burns hotter and faster.

By contrast, correct drying retains terpenes and flavonoids responsible for fragrance and flavor. For example, Myrcene starts to degrade at temperatures higher than 68º F. Therefore, it is ideal to dry plants and buds in a clean space, with the temperature at 68º F and relative humidity at 50%. Properly grown, dried, and cured buds deliver a smooth burn favored by consumers.

Some growers prefer hanging drying racks. Others choose flat-bed drying racks. SSG offers high-quality options regardless of your preference.

Cannabis Drying Carts

Drying cartsInnovative mobile drying carts deliver one-touch functionality from harvest to transport to drying. The system promotes even the spacing of hanging plants. This allows for slow, even drying while maximizing the use of space. Enjoy increased yields per square foot with this innovative system.

These carts feature a patent-pending design that accommodates different-sized plants. Workers hang plants from plastic-molded T-bars, moving them among notches 1.5 inches apart to optimize spacing.

The length of the plant segments determines the number per T-bar. Each drying cart comes with 21 T-bars hanging from horizontal beams. Seven vertical posts support these beams. The carts are 60 inches long, and they have a 325-lb capacity. Select from either standard (72”) or tall (84”) drying carts.

Vertical Shelving Systems

2 tier cannabis grow systemsVertical shelving also increases capacity. The GROW Mobile System accommodates different-sized plants with ease. RaptorRAC uprights match up with standard or tall drying carts. Choose from 24” or 48” depths. The single-tier option is as high as 132”. The two-tier option is as high as 192”. With the two-tier design, the bottom tier must match up with either standard or tall drying racks.

Reduce labor costs as well. Skip the otherwise labor-intensive use of zip ties and wires. Instead, put the plants on the T-bars once, and that’s it. Create a work environment your team will embrace. This durable, professional system also makes it easier to watch the plants as they dry.

The system integrates with irrigation and ventilation systems. System flexibility is key. Adjust on the fly if necessary. Adapt even if your initial plant assumptions are off. You don’t have to change the trimming of plants. Simply change the drying cart configuration instead.

There are other advantages. Reduce the use of ladders. Limit injuries incurred by workers reaching to hang plants. Workers enjoy safer, more comfortable working conditions.

Cannabis drying carts eliminate tedious, time-consuming steps. There is no need to place plants in bins before moving them to the drying room. Immediately hang the plants and roll the cart to the drying room. The system minimizes cross-contamination. It also offers smooth, non-porous, easy-to-clean surfaces. Carts come with catch trays. Replace T-bars at a modest cost, if needed.

The system allows you to harvest, transport, and dry plants with great efficiency. This is not a “me too” product. Rather, it is a unique solution capable of producing more valuable yields, reducing labor costs, and saving space. Drying carts are also easy to knock down. Click to learn more about vertical growing systems.

Flatbed Drying

Flatbed drying racks e1643310718165Flatbed drying is another option. The automated, overhead system hangs from the ceiling. Maximize ventilation, and preserve valuable floor space. Three-foot-high flatbed drying racks lift 70-90 pounds. The easy-to-clean racks use only food-grade lubrication and FDA-approved paint.

Cannabis Drying Racks: Key Advantages

In a competitive environment, efficient production is the key to profitability. Quality drying techniques add to efficiency, improving profits. Better use of both floor space and vertical space improves revenue per square foot.

Southwest Solution Group’s cannabis drying racks can double or triple drying room capacities. They also make it possible to easily monitor rack contents for quality. Powder-coated finishes protect against wear and tear, abrasion, and corrosion. By contrast, chrome shelving may lead to corrosion or rust that sheds particles. This could contaminate the product.

Cannabis drying racks help to optimize product quality by:

  • Bringing out subtle flavors while reducing harshness
  • Preventing unpleasant odors
  • Reducing the chance of mold or other unwanted organic growth

Case Studies

Here are two real-world applications of mobile drying racks and high-density shelving. Galenas is in northern Ohio, while the Presidential Garden Group is in central California.

Ohio Grower

Galenas is a cannabis grower in Akron, Ohio. The team wanted to maximize the use of its 3,000 square feet of cultivation space. They performed their due diligence by comparing vertical grow rack vendors.

They selected the GROW Mobile System for its two grow rooms. Weight was a key consideration. The planning team had to account for multiple tiers of soil-filled pots. Irrigation, ventilation, and lighting systems added even more weight. Each 50-foot-long ActivRAC 7M carriage handles up to 7,000 pounds. Mechanical-assist handles empower workers to move thousands of pounds with modest effort. With this system, growers can select a single-aisle inches wide. Or, they can go with multiple aisles.

At the Galenas facility, each grow room is outfitted with a triple-tiered system. It features rugged 20-foot tall RaptorRAC Widespan Shelving. Welded uprights support the upper tiers. Modified diagonal bracing simultaneously delivers stability and easy access to plants.

The shelves are mounted on a railed 50-foot-long ActivRAC system. It delivers quadruple the capacity of stationary 4×8 tables. Consistency of design adds to a neat, clean, crisp appearance. Every cell is identical throughout the facility.

Workers access upper tiers with the use of a convenient lift. Team members perform their duties in a more comfortable environment. The GROW Mobile System also quadrupled the growing area. Founder Geoffrey Korff observed that Spacesaver was “far and away one of the best vendors we chose to work with.”

California Grower

A Sacramento, CA, grower wanted to maximize the use of every cubic inch of space in an available warehouse. The challenge was to transform it into a place with state-of-the-art growing capabilities.

The planning team took a close look at three manufacturers. Ultimately, the Presidential Garden Group (PGG) selected the GROW Mobile System. They liked the low-profile design. Another plus was the powder coating inside and out. After extensive research, the choice “was a no-brainer,” according to co-founder Joshua King. The new drying system gives PGG 278% more growing area than traditional static tables.

The company also gets a more sustainable operation that uses less energy. They also get a reliable, sturdy, and safe system designed to last for years. The mobile drying cart concept is a more eco-friendly approach. Growers who adopt the system can point to it with pride. PGG now gives tours to other growers seeking to optimize their own operations.

Customized Drying System Designs

Cannabis growers benefit from SSG’s full-service approach. First comes a thorough site evaluation. Next, the design team comes up with specifications. CAD drawings integrate the project with existing floor plans. The design goes to the client for approval. Factory-certified installation and training follow.

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