High-Density Vertical Growing Storage

indoor marijuana cannabis high yield volume growing systemCannabis is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Many manufacturers have also been implementing the use of vertical growing techniques to improve space usage and eco-friendliness. To help you meet your high yield requirements, we offer a variety of high-density commercial storage racks for indoor marijuana/cannabis growing systems designed to save space and reduce costs while improving production efficiency. Click here to watch a video showing how the high-density commercial storage racks work.

Cannabis Plant Storage Racks

High-density commercial storage racks are designed to be able to increase indoor vertical growing space by up to 50% in a smaller footprint than traditional shelving and racks. This is especially critical in indoor marijuana growing applications due to the cost of energy and warehouse space used in production. Instead of buying more space, the high-density racks allow you to make the most of the space you already have. Click to learn how movable lights increase efficiency in commercial cannabis grow rooms.

high yield volume growing system commercial storage racks marijuanaIf you’re in the cannabis growing industry, then you’re probably already familiar with the constant need to make operations more efficient. In addition to space, high volume growing systems also require access to light in a climate-controlled environment that allows staff members to view and access the plants easily.

During storage, the high-density racks remain compacted together and eliminate the need for extra aisle space between the rows. When someone needs to access an aisle, they simply push a button on the desired carriage and the system automatically expands. To save on costs, you can even install your existing racks on the mobile carriages.

Additionally, the high-density commercial storage racks are configurable with a variety of options such as grow lights mounted to the units, stainless steel construction for corrosion-resistance, and more. The compact racks are also available in multiple sizes and load capacities depending on your needs. Click here to learn more about high-density storage.

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