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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Storage Solution Offers Both Form and Function

university library's multi floor cantilever book stacksA university faced major challenges when renovating its library. To overcome the design and structural problems, the university relied on Spacesaver® to provide an engineered-to-order (ETO) solution. The result was adjustable shelves for the multi-floor cantilever book stacks that offer both form and function.

What the University Library Wanted for The Main Library

The university spent millions of dollars to renovate its main library. They wanted to preserve the history of the library while adding modern and high-tech features for patrons to enjoy. A major showpiece of the renovated library was going to be the glass walled, multi-floor cantilever book stack tower.

However, during the project, the university realized they were going to be unable to remove the existing cantilever book stack frames because they were a structural part of the building. Finding shelves to fit frames proved to be a major challenge because most of the companies that originally made them went out of business years ago. Also, the architect wanted to avoid the normal closed-off end brackets to accent the glass wall and highlight the book collection.

How the ETO Adjustable Shelves Solved the Library’s Problem

eto adjustable shelves in the university libraryUnsure of what to do next, the university reached out to Spacesaver. Although there was no existing solution to the library’s problem, it didn’t stop Spacesaver. Instead they decided to create ETO adjustable shelves to fit the library’s existing cantilever book stack frames.

Many of the frames were different widths, so to ensure the sizes were correct, each adjustable shelf specifically designed for the frame it would reside on. To meet the architect’s design requests a sleek, strap-like bracket was placed at the end of each book shelf.

In the end, the ETO adjustable shelves worked perfectly on the university library multi-floor cantilever book stack tower, and everything exceeded expectations and enhanced the overall look of the renovated space.

Contact Us for Help with Storage in Your University’s Library

If your university’s library has the same type of structural cantilever frames and you’re not sure where to get the right shelves, we can help. Southwest Solutions Group® works with Spacesaver to design and install all types of library shelving including ETO adjustable shelves. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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