High Bay Racks Store University Books & Journals at New Offsite Joint Library Facility

Available on Sourcewell State Cooperative Purchasing Contract Texas A&M University and The University of Texas recently collaborated to open the Joint Library Facility. The 18,000 square foot high density storage facility stores over a million books and journals for use by other academic and medical institutions. The Joint Library Facility is an off campus building equipped with Spacesaver® High Bay Racks to maximize space and reduce costs to store university library books and journals. (Read the full article about the opening of the Joint Library Facility)

Offsite Facility Using High Bay Racks Reduce Costs

Print books and journals stored in the High Bay Racks

A comprehensive study showed that the universities could greatly reduce the cost of storage for library books and journals by locating them in an offsite high density storage facility. The Joint Library Facility’s study showed that the cost of storing one volume in open library stacks was $4.26 per year, taking into account personnel, lighting, maintenance, and heating and cooling costs. Whereas the offsite storage facility with High Bay Racks would reduce the cost to just 86 cents per volume, saving $3.40 per volume. In addition to cost savings, expensive onsite campus floor space is freed up for more frequently circulated materials and new study areas for students.

Spacesaver 19′ Tall High Bay Racks Maximizes Storage to Reduce Costs

High Bay Racks extend vertically to maximize book and journal storage space

The Joint Library Facility is packed with 344 High Bay Racks standing 19 feet tall to maximize storage and reduce the cost of storing books and journals. The heavy-duty adjustable steel storage shelves are 53″ wide and 36″ deep. The High Bay Racks are specially designed with a 6 inch flue space on the sides and rear of the shelves to ensure safety and comply with NFPA 13 fire and sprinkler code requirements. The vertical heavy-duty steel upright frames are welded for structural rigidity.

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Spacesaver high bay racks provide high density storage for the joint library facility