High Density Shelving Provides Dramatic Space Savings for University Library Book Collections

university library uses high density shelving

Like many universities, managing a growing library book collection can be a major challenge. High Density Shelving for university library book collections replaces static access aisles with a fewer number of movable access aisles to reduce the overall storage footprint. The number of required access aisles in a High Density Shelving system is based on your unique activity level. For example, in an archival area you can have one access aisle for every eight static shelving aisles. The results of using High Density Shelving are dramatic: increasing book collection storage capacity, reducing storage floor space by half, eliminating the cost of new construction, and reducing energy consumption costs.

storing university rare book collections in high density shelving

Kansas State University Needs a Space Saving Solution for Their Library Book Collections

Kansas State University (KSU), located in Manhattan, Kansas, completed its fourth expansion project of the Hale Library, which added 400,000 square feet of floor space. Cantilever shelving with custom wood raised end panels were installed in all 5 floors of the public spaces.

Soon after everything was complete the library’s staff realized they had a major storage problem. Their book collection was growing faster than ever, so the library needed a way to increase their book storage capacity in their exiting space.

high density storage shelving for university library book collections

How High Density Shelving Solves the University Library’s Book Storage Problem

The library’s administrative and management teams determined that High Density Shelving was the solution the library needed to solve their space issues. The decision was made to phase in the High Density Shelving over several stages. The existing stationary cantilever shelving was converted into High Density Shelving not only to save money but to eliminate the possibility of wasting perfectly usable shelving. The phase-in process allows the library to expand at a manageable rate, while avoiding disruption to the patrons.

In the end, the library calculated that they were able to nearly double their storage capacity for every High Density Shelving system they added. More than 25 linear miles of High Density Shelving and stationary cantilever shelving store the growing collection of more than 1.6 million books. In addition, High Density Shelving is also used for special collections in a locked administrative area and at an off-site remote storage location to house the overflow and inactive collections.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

High Density Shelving Design and Installation Assistance for University Library Book Collections

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation assistance for High Density Shelving. For more information on how you can maximize university library book collections without building new space, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area.


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