Electronic key cabinets e1643314069977Critical assets like keys are vital to every business, but keeping these secure without time-consuming administration, can be challenging. Managing keys and other assets necessary to daily operations can pose many challenges to any organization. In busy environments where multiple users collect and return shared-use items, assets must be easily tracked and controlled. Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) offers a variety of intelligent storage solutions which enable businesses to achieve greater visibility over their assets. Our system features advanced software that provides real-time data on all user activity. From small key lockers to large key management systems, accountability over your organizations’ assets is our customer commitment. These products provide a straightforward way for storing and allowing the safe return of your keys. All locks work in tandem so that the system may never release two keys simultaneously. Our key management system comes in two sizes of 18-gauge stainless steel. The vaults may be built to any size with various lock options to meet your security needs.

Highlighted Product Features

  • Six Position Vault – This vault holds six tandem locks. These locks have the option to be mastered controlled at the front door of the vault.
  • Key Control – The logic behind the locking system is that two keys may never be released simultaneously. This feature allows the securing of the control key. Starting at this point, the user key is mechanically removed.
  • Tamper Evident Key Tags – Serialized tamper-evident key tags are included in each of our cabinets. This feature ensures that keys are securely sealed while in inventory and while being used.
  • Multi-Panel Feature – Our panel can hold up to 50 different panel positions at one time. The panel has the ability to be mounted as a standalone or can include an optional electrical door control.

About Southwest Solutions Group

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