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Rotating Filing Cabinets that lock save space over file cabinet solutions and cost about the same as a traditional filing cabinet per linear ft of capacity.   Why not pay the same amount for the equipment and save a lot of floor space, or store twice as much in the same  floor space. for additional information


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Open Office File Shelving, Binder Shelving, Box Shelving with pullout reference shelves or roll down locking doors to secure items on the shelf.   Filing Cabinets like this cost less than traditional file cabinet systems and store more in less space.    Contact us for assistance with floor space planning and installation in New York City. for additional information


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Sliding Shelving and Rolling Filing Cabinet Systems for files and boxes are a great space saver.   You slide the level on the front to the side to access the level in the back.   This increases storage capacity over traditional filing cabinets, and helps you reduce your filing area to add more people.  Let our local New York office assist you with design, delivery, and installation.